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My Voicemail Network / Unauthorized Charges/Fraud

3016 Waverly Dr., Apt 209Los Angeles, CA, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 818-919-6594
Same as the others, 12.95 charge mysteriously shows up on the ATT bill. I never ordered their service, nor would I for that amount. They kept saying it was ordered online when it was not and when I asked to speak to the manager the woman hung up the phone. If this is so blatent then why are these people not being arrested on fraud charges?


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  20th of Oct, 2008
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My Voicemail Network - Unauthorized charges
My Voicemail Network
P.O. Box 80668
San Diego
United States
Phone: 888-520-5950

I cannot reach a person or receive a response to 2 unathorized charges on my phone bill. I did not authorize the charges nor did my wife. We do not even have voicemail on our phones.
  30th of Oct, 2008
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On my ATT bill for one of my phones I was charged $12.95 for my voicemail network services. I have never spoken with them or ordered anything from them.
I called the customer service number listed on my ATT bill and have been on hold (on two different phones) for well over an hour. ATT cannot help in any way to get this off my bill.
I have also left two voice messages and not had a return call.
  1st of Nov, 2008
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My sister heard about a "coupon rewards" deal on "Good Morning America". Sounded good so she surfs over there, fills out a questionnaire and required a phone number be input before completion. It would not allow her to input her only phone number, a cell phone, so she enters my land line number. Bad idea! She is very sorry this happened and a lesson was learned.

My very recent AT&T bill came in the mail 10/31/08 with this bogus "My Voicemail Network $12.95 monthly charge". I called the 888 number listed as the reference for that charge, waited for 15 minutes on hold until a rep answered and agreed to cancel the charge. She gave me a cancellation number. I asked whether $12.95 would be credited to my account or should I just pay $12.95 less... The rep had no answer and then gave me a fax number to make that request. This is just BS! My immediate problem is that my payments are made automatically vs. a credit card. That is very convenient but will not be conducive to keeping my $12.95 each month. So I went to the AT&T website and changed my profile... Manage Automatic Payments... Stop Automatic Payment. I will write a check for amount due minus $12.95. I may have to End Automatic Payments altogether if the $12.95 shows up in subsequent months. I also have my sister seeking to end the charges from her end, too.

What about the thousands of poor fools who don't comb thru their phone bills like the anal-retentive person I am? I suppose that will make it OK for the crooks to keep their money because they don't protest?

AT&T is party to this fraudulent scam.

"Good Morning America" should also apologize to America and lead the charge to prosecute these criminals.

Dallas, TX
  3rd of Nov, 2008
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I just got charged on my phone bill and neither my husband or I allowed this, someone did this with out our approval, and I cant get a hold of them to find out who did it. 32 minutes on hold so far...ugggggggg
  19th of May, 2009
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I have had the same experience with Verizon. My wife went to a esaver coupon site in an attempt to save money with the use of coupons. Next thing you know we are charged the $12.95 charge to our Verizon phone bill per month. I called and Verizon claims that they cannot do anything about it. They called esave (now they go by "My voicemail network") and I was told they would credit but they didnt. It went on for nine months, 3 calls to Verizon. Lastly I was told by Ben at Verizon that I "should have read the fine print!". His supervisor Lena would not take the call and I was told she would call me within 24 hours. No call was returned by her.
I spent several hours trying to resolve it to no avail. Finally I gave up paid it to get over how pissed off it made me.
Times are tough.This esaver or My Voicemail Network is a scam. If a person had the time they would want to report these people to The United States Attorney General and put an end to this extortion.

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