My Voicemail Network Inc / Fraud

1 United States

This company's product is voice mail management for businesses. I've just discovered that they have been charging my Mother who is 81 years old for months for this service on her AT&T phone bill. She doesn't even use voice mail. She uses an answering machine. I have called their 888 # three times to cancel the service and have had to leave a message because "they are busy with other customers". I still haven't received a call back. There is no way that my mother knowingly subscribed to their service. I've worked in the telecom industry for 10 years and they call this slamming and it is illegal. They also use a third party for billing and I called them first and they couldn't even tell me anything about it or cancel the service. She has also been charged for similar services by 3 other companies. I don't even know where to begin to get to the bottom of this. Whose responsible AT&T, the third party biller or the service provider. I don't doubt that others have been scammed the same way. There ought to be a class action law suit against them. BE SURE CHECK YOUR BILLS FOR UNUSUAL CHARGES.

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