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18th October 2017

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This company claimed to be affiliated with Microsoft and offered to fix an issue I had with Skype. I wasn’t able to log in to Skype after I updated my iPad, my username and password were not being accepted. I found their contact number online under a search for ‘contact Microsoft Australia’. Initially they told me they were Microsoft, that’s how they managed to convince me to continue with the call. Initially they wanted me to pay $149.99 + GST to fix the issue and finally agreed to me paying $49.99 plus GST (all the time I believed I was dealing with Microsoft). They told me my Skype account had been blocked and they would need to reset the server in order for me to get my account to work. All they did was to go through all the actions I went through in order to reset my account - resend password with a verification code. After a short period of time I was able to reset my password myself and logged in using a different password to the one I gave them. So the problem fixed itself without this company doing anything.
They still charged me the $55 for doing nothing.
I have reported them to Microsoft and have formally complained to the company itself but was met with a very frosty reception.
I would really like a refund for the fact that they did not fix my problem and they claimed

Oct 20, 2017

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