My Leisure Savings PlanCharged without athorization

I have been charged $39.85 for something I did not sing up for. And this is all [censored] you are taking peoples money and they have no clue. i'm sorry i work hard for my money and I dont need someone to just take it right out of my bank account. I fight for this country to be free but it's you a**holes that keep making people have to work harder at it so we can stop people like you.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Warner Robins, GAI want this to stop coming out of my account now!!! I have tried calling and tried the website but just like everybody eles on here have gotten no where with it. You could have the respect to at least tell me how to stop it and where the hell my money is going that I work hard for. GET A [censored]ING JOB!!! STOP STEELING FROM PEOPLE BEHIND THERE BACKS YOU WORTHLESS SNAKES. I dont want to see another thing come out of my account from this company as of 28 june 2009. If I do see another thing i'm turning you guys into higher athoritys. My name is Rashel Phegley.

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