My Haiti Mobile / The phone that they gave is lousy

I bought this plan $40 to be able to communicate with my husband in Haiti, First it took them 4 days to give my husband the Free phone. The phone that they gave is lousy. Second, we were only able to communicate for about one week and the service went dead for 3 weeks, every time I call customer service they keep telling me the problem would be resolved in 3 hours, I called every day same story. Service was reactivated on the phone just 2 days before the plan expiration day, with the call dropping after every 7 to 15 minutes. I recharge the service again in January and did not get to use it not even once because it never worked. Naive me believe them when they told be that the problem was with Haiti and that they were close to resolving me, so I asked them for a refund, instead, they told me that my refund to my debit card was being processed, instead to my surprise they recharge my account unauthorized for a 3rd $40. Whenever I called they give me the same excuses, finally I gave up on them. Only to discover through Facebook that this company is nothing but a scam and they have been doing it for over a year, I was no where near their only victims, they have thousands.


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