My GynecologistPrescribing medication when not needed!

D Mar 07, 2017

Worst obgyn everrr! Bewareee!! Do not go! They will prescribe you medication when you dont need it!!! They had prescribed me vaginal medication that I had to take 5 days in a row. Since she told me she was 90% sure I had the issue and sent it to the pharmacy I trusted her. My mistake!!! A couple days after the treatment was over I received a phone call with a follow up on the other things we had discussed. When I asked about the bacterial issue, the lady (Who was rude) told me that it came up negative. So I asked her, well if it came back negative & I was prescribed medication, then why did I not receive a phone call stating hey, do not spend your money & do not take the medication, you came back negative!! She rudely told me that I received an automated phone call. I told her I clearly wasn't able to answer since I have a day job but how come an actual person from the office didn't attempt to call me and leave a voicemail stating do not purchase nor take! So now I spent all this money on medication and then took it for 5 days in a row to then get told days after that I was negative !?!?!?!?! So I asked to speak with the office manager, kristen (Also rude) , and told her my issue... She told me she was sorry and that there wasnt anything she can do... So I was like ummm ok, well how do you find this morally ok to be prescribed a medication when you dont even need it and not even give your patient, who had trusted you!, a curtsy phone call?? All she kept saying was that "the only time the doctor prescribes something is when they a sure the patient has an issue". I said well I am living, breathing, walking proof that I did not need this and no one could of called me to say otherwise. And I will admit, at this point I was getting a little loud because I think this is morally [censored]d up! She tells me not to get loud, so I state "oh, im sorry that im upset because I trusted you when you told me something was wrong and had me take vaginal medication for 5 days in a row when nothing was even wrong with me! You know, spending $60 on medication is a lot, but thats not what I cared the most about, I care a lot about what goes inside my body and that fact that I took medication for 5 days straight when I didnt even need to and I couldnt get a curtsy call?? How is this morally ok???" she responded with "theres nothing I can do for you". So then I stated " so it's ok for you guys to go around prescribing people medication without even knowing what the actual issue is, wow. " I am just so disappointed and very upset that they can do this morally when you give them you trust. I will never ever go there again & I suggest you dont either

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