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My Gynecologist - Karl And Natalie Leibensperger / Rip off, cruel treatment

1 Spring Hill, FL, United States Review updated:

They demanded payment upfront with a bill that they refused to intemize or list an explanation of costs for, and said it was for my deductible costs and co-payment portions of my delivery that was planned for 2 months later. They assured me that ALL ob's in Florida do the same procedure(first scam, this is false), when I didn't have the demanded amount and said I would have to go elsewhere: they offered a payment plan (in writing), I accepted it. When I came for my next appointment and questioned their charges from some advice that I had gotten, Carl had me in a room ALONE, and accused me not going to pay my bill (even though I still had time to make payment according to our agreement) he yelled at me, made fasle accusations, called me names, and told me to find another Doctor. I had a full blown panic attack at 8 months pregnant over it, then he told me to get off his property while I was distrought and trying to call someone to drive me. Second scam was the amount they wanted me to pay.I went to another female obgyn, and was immediately accepted, and not even charged my co-payments because she accepts Medicaid patients. The bills after the delivery confirmed that Karl and Natalie's office was dishonest and blew up the charges, because what I was charged was significantly less. The mid-wives see the majority of the patients, and you get charged for a Doctors visit. They run very late in seeing their patients, and rush uou in the room.One of the things that made me really happy at the new docts office was she is a MD so she could treat all of my illnesses down to my back pain, and allergic reaction. Natalie' can't treat other problems, so you have to go to ANOTHER DOCTORS APPOINTMENT. I wouldnt refer my enemy to this office, research it!(Wish I did)

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  7th of Aug, 2009
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That is how it works. You pay your portion of the global fee up front because face it-once the baby comes your obstetrician's bill goes to the bottom of the pile every month. I work in the insurance industry and this is how 99% of the OB practices bill.

  28th of Aug, 2009
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It is a shame that most of their clients have no idea of what they have gotten themselves into.

  4th of Aug, 2012
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RUN AWAY AS FAST AS YOU CAN!!! They will treat you like Sh!!t and charge you for stuff you never got or had done!! PLEASE READ ALL THE OTHER BAD THINS THEY HAVE DONE TO OTHER MOMS!! RUN AWAY!!!

  23rd of Nov, 2012
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Very professional! Ignore any negative you read about this clinic. They have a very punctual procedure and a wonderful patient consideration. Any negative things you may hear are from people who have not paid their bills to the clinic and have been taken to collections. I think there are so many people out there that do not want to pay their past due bills or payment for "patient no show" fees, that they think the practice is somehow unethical for requiring them to take responsibility for the services they receive and to take responsibility for their own actions. The staff at this clinic is really great and goes above and beyond any clinic I've gone to for my 5 previous pregnancies!

  31st of Jul, 2013
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If you are on Medicaid you are not supposed to have a co-payment! The office is full of thieves if they were charging her additional fees! I hate any health agency that preys on the poor, especially pregnant! Agencies like this should be put in jail were they belong!

  14th of Aug, 2013
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She diagnosed me with HPV. 1 1/2 years later she did a hysterectomy for the uterus and did not take the cervix. Now I dealing with the HPV again.

  18th of Sep, 2015
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Thank you for posting this! I found out the hard way but I'm glad I figured out the truth about this place before I had to rely on them for my delivery or trusted them when they said I should have a hysterectomy! I wish I would have listened to my friend's advise earlier and done my research!

  13th of Dec, 2015
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I'm so sorry for your experience but I can relate. According to other reviews a lot of other women can relate too. It's scary that so many women trust this facility and are possibly recieving incorrect treatment.

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