My Grand ResortsTimeshare Sale Rip-Off

In December 2008, we received a call from Mr. Jim Thayer of My Grand Resorts, saying that his company was buying timeshare points. He had a businessman/buyer in some other country who wanted to buy several hundreds of thousands of Fairfield or Wyndham point. At the time, we were very interested in selling our timeshare so we agreed to look at what the company had to offer. We researched My Grand Resorts on the web and found all sorts of great comments about the companys and a beautiful website. We received an acceptance letter which was to be signed by all owners of the timeshare. We also received an "Owner Authorization to Release Information and Authority to Act on Owner's Behalf" form. We subsequently called Mr. Thayer back and discussed in depth how the company was going to proceed.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Las Vegas, NVWe were promised over and over that My Grand Resorts was not one of those fly-by-night companies that rips people off. Jim Thayer appeared to be an honest individual. We had no reason to doubt him. We signed, notarized, and returned both forms on Dec 22, 2008, along with our personal check for $481.00. Our check was cashed and deposited at US Band in Portland OR. When we did not hear anything back from Mr. Thayer by February, we began calling and emailing the company. We were reassured by everyone who answered the phone and the emails responses that the sale of our timeshare was on track. We continued to call and email in Feb, March, and April...nobody returned our calls & emails. Our check for $481.00 was cashed and we have nothing to show for it. My Grand Resorts and Mr Jim Thayer are rip-offs!! If a company calls you to say they can sell your timeshare ...DON"T BELIEVE THEM AND DON'T SEND THEM ANY MONEY!!!


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