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My Fitness American Fork Utah / Fraudulant charge

1 American Fork, UT, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 800 507-7385

This company placed a $29.99 charge on my Credit card without my knowledge.
I had never heard of them previously.

When I called, they explained that they don't sell a product, just fitness advice.
They claimed that the charge was originated by - another company I had never heard of - only a web site per My Fitness.

They were very willing to remove the RECURRING charge and credit my account for the 29.99 billing.

Seems like they are playing the odds that a percentage of people will not notice and pay the charges.

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  • Ke
      24th of Feb, 2009
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    You are singing my song. I just went through the same thing. Called and spoke with Steven, said he was at extension 1015. The interesting thing was that when I called a second time it went right back to Steven.

    Hmmmmm, coincidence?

    He was of course very quick and willing to refund my $29.99. He told me that the second charge of $29.99 had been declined. This was interesting because I was simultaneously looking at my credit card account and had plenty of funds available.

    The second time that I called back and "just happened" to reach Steven again, I asked him what I received for my $29.99. He informed me that it was health and fitness information (in the form of a membership of course). I thus further questioned him as to where the information was sent. To this he replied "Well, you see, that is why I was already refunding your money before you called. Because we don't have an E-mail on file to send you the info."

    What?!?! Five minutes earlier he was trying to charge my account a second time.

    He stuck to his story that they received my order because of a cross-promotion with a company called (of course), whose parent company was Lose Weight Systems, from whom I had also been fraudulently charged for two bottles of Caralluma Extreme that I never ordered.

    These people are scammers. I don't know how they are getting the information that they are and it doesn't matter. In my opinion they should be in prison.


  • Br
      18th of Mar, 2009
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    I also spoke with Steve - turns out they were in business with a company called Natural Source. When you sign up for any offers through Natural Source, they in turn give your account information to the fitness place. Steve told me I should have received an email and also should have seen the web page display this service after I submitted my order. I received no email, or saw any explanation of this on the website. He said that I would no longer be charged any additional fees and that the Escalation Team would look into refunding me the first charge on my credit card. I plan on following up with Steve in a couple of days. Also, here's some additional information that may be helpful - I completed the Natural Source offer through a business called Work With So if you guys also did this, it seems like this is one big scam!

  • Ga
      29th of May, 2009
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    This sounds like the same company but with a different phone number. The contact number that I have is 800-2601347. I also unwittingly became involved with them through an on line order that I placed with The ionline order was returned immediately after receiving it, and I received a full refund.

    The link with ionline also had me linked to another company Welwatch.MD. The first that I knew of the links to MyFitness and Welwatch.MD was when I received my credit card statement. I telephoned to query the charges, and verbally cancelled the connections. I spoke with Steve at MyFitness and was told that I would receive a refund of the charge. I have in fact received the refund, in full, as promised by Welwatch.MD.

    H0wever, instead of a refund from MyFitness I discovered another charge of $27.00 on my latest credit card statement just received. I have just come off the telephone after talking with the c/s rep. for MyFitness, who advised me that there was no record of my having telephoned and cancelling. He also advised me that I wasn't entitled to a refund because I hadn't called to cancel during the 10 day introductory period after my name was placed on their list. He asked me whom I had spoken to and I remembered Steve's name tho I hadn't written it on my credit card statement which showed the synopsis of the telephone call written as I was speaking to him.

    After consulting his supervisor I was told today that as a courtesy they would refund me half of the May charge, and I was provided with a cancellation number.
    The cancellation number that I had recorded on my credit card statement was not identified as theirs. I am feeling very irate about the business practices of this business. I am in business myself and unhesitatingly give my customers credit.

    When I passed on this information I was told that this was not their practice, and that they feel justified in making charges if cancellation isn't recorded during the 1st 10 days. I also fed back my ire that although my records report the details of my contact in April, that I am being held responsible for the fact that their record keeping system doesn't maintain the same integrity. Gaela

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