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I have no idea where this company is based out of. All of the ### that happened with everyone else basically happened word for word to me. I NEVER received a product. This is maybe a way for them to scam you? If you don't receive the product within 10 days and return it, you can't get your money back. I agreed to the free trial thing which was only a payment of shipping charged to my account for $3.87. However, additionally I was charged for an Int'l service fee, which made me extremely suspicious. The costumer service number is probably set up to appear real, and is someone's personal line. After about 15 minutes someone finally answered. I spoke with a lady the first time, who sounded foreign, and I have no idea where she could be from. I asked if I could speak with her supervisor and she said he was assisting with other calls. I could hear everything I was saying being repeated to me, like an echo, and she was not helping me at all. She said the only thing she could do was give me a $20.00 refund and cancel my membership so that I wasn't charged anything further. I told her I never received the product and that furthermore I didn't want the product because I was suspicious of the entire company and the way the transaction had been accomplished. A refund wasn't possible for me now that 10 days had passed and I hadn't returned the product.

She finally turned me over to a man named Brandon Lopez. He offered the same 20.00 refund. I told him, either he would help me now, or my bank would take it up with him. He said, I'm sure you will like the product once you receive it, blah blah blah. I was practically blue in the face yelling at these people and telling them I didn't want the product, and they simply continued to talk as though I was a member. He finally gave me a RMA (return merchandise authorization #) which he said I could put on the outside of the box and receive a full refund when I got my package. I told him, "You WILL be receiving this product back at whatever bogus address you sent it from. And if I do not receive a full refund I'll find someone to track down the account youre using and investigate what kind of business you're in.

I feel like an idiot for being so easily duped. But I also feel like crying because people are pieces of ###.

P.S. the lady said they were based out of hollywood, fl. BUT why did I receive an INT'L service fee? Here's what I think may be a clue- I googled XMBRANS

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  • Ti
      4th of Mar, 2010

    You will not get a refund. I was being charged different amounts everyday and went negative on my account. I canceled my account before the due date cancelation # 958772
    I called back due to another charge over night and found out there was no cancelation. They give you the run around. I was getting daily charges and one internation charge. Cancel your credit card as lost or stolen, go to your bank or credit card company to fill out a fraud form. Go to the FTC Bureau of Consumer Protection and fill out the form for fraud. Its very easy to do follow each step. Report the ### and pass it on to everyone.
    You will be promised a refund YOU WILL NOT GET IT...CALL IT A LOSS and move on or you will keep being charged even if you canceled. My cc is canceled and will be getting a new one. My bank said this was fraud. Also I called everyday then the next day I got a new charge on my account. I was charge 30.00 over night and the bank told me another charge of 40.00 was going thru midnight tonight. Card canceled they will not suck anymore money out of me and the bank is refunding all my money.
    Before you buy anything do the research you may get a surprise that there are so many complaints. Fine print I read before I buy but this company did not say anything about membership fee after so many days until you call. I canceled twice and was still being charged. Call all credit bureaus and report in case anything comes up on your credit report. lastly I called this crappy company today and told them I want my refund sent into the mail they will tell you to reactivate your card...yea right I want a refund sent by check. I was talking to a supervisor he said call back in 10 days to see if they can refund by check. Even if I get the check I would be affraid to cash it.

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  • La
      31st of Mar, 2010

    Fraud! I should have looked them up in the internet before I got taken. I never got the product and they keep saying they shipped it (they like to lie a lot). I canceled before the end of the 10 days and they still charged my credit card. When I called them to get take the charge back they said that it was too late because they start charging the credit card on the 9th day!!! (their math stinks). After 45 minutes, I talked to supervisor who said she will talk to the billing dept and it would take 15 to 30 days to straighten this out.
    I don't believe them. It doesn't take that long!
    By the way, after I canceled all future orders, on the phone and on the internet, they claimed that such actions by me never happened! SCAM... They later said that maybe I did cancel my order (after I gave them the name of customer support person that I talked to).
    It's time to get another credit card before they mess me up...more than they already have!!!

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