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David Alan Russell with has fallaciously fabricated a complaint which is false, erroneous and misleading. For the record, there is no pending OAG complaint but we urge him to do whatever he thinks is necessary. I personally look forward to cooperating with, and providing the OAG proof that Russell simply made a bad decision by paying a company he was not contracted with. I have a letter that Mr. Russell received whereby I terminated our relationship since my company could not assist him. He then made the decision to go with a referral and paid THEM, not me. He simply made a poor decision and now chooses to blame someone not responsible. He submitted false accusations about my company when all I did was tried to help him. My expertise is web design and he came to me for help with his failing company to help with their web presence. I was honest with him in stating that certain services that he requested were out of my current reach and outsourced him to someone I knew (not affiliated or partnered with). He ended up speaking with that individual over the phone and paid him direct through PayPal for services he needed. After the individual blew him off after receiving funds, I tried contacting the person to get things resolved and stated that he either do the work or simply refund Mr. Russell's money. The individual yet again failed to honor his verbal agreement with Mr. Russell in which I suggested to Mr. Russell that he should contact the OAG in the individual's state, BBB, and also to file a credit card dispute. Credit card disputes are valid for 6 months and if he listened to my suggestion he would have been fully refunded and would have been on his merry way. Instead, he insisted on ignoring my suggestions and tried pushing me to create a full site for him on the PARTIAL payment he paid to an entirely different firm, which quite obviously is something one would not simply do. He would be ignorant in thinking handouts would be given to him and a full site would be created when #1 he only made a partial payment to the OTHER company (not my company) #2. THIS firm never received payment, so he needs to take any design issues up with the individual and firm he actually paid. Again, I did everything I could to help him get refunded by the individual and he failed to listen, and THEN he tried (humorously) making a BBB, OAG and other complaints about me which I simply brushed off as they are of no worry to me since I was in the right. This guy is a nuisance and if he runs his company the way he shows he will, I will be surprised if ever makes it off the ground.

Mar 16, 2014

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