My Digital ,digitalcraze.comBuyers Beware!!!!


I placed an order with this outfit yesterday. No indication of whether the item was truly in stock was given. No indication of when it would ship. From their website:

"All of our shipping is done via United Parcel Service (UPS)"

I called for my UPS tracking number first thing today. They indicated it would be arriving via a trucking company instead and that they would call me. Growing concerned, I did some more research on these guys. Looks as if the only true reviews out there are the bad ones. When I called back to cancel, they hung up on me. I dialed "sales" instead of "customer service" to inform them that I would be blocking any charges and refusing any shipments from them. They informed me that they could charge me from two to five percent of a "cancellation fee" and that it all depended on my attitude! I told them they could try to charge me any amount but it would be successfully disputed. They closed by informing me that since I was "nasty, " they would be charging the five percent. Well, I'll update this review in another week to let you all know the outcome.

**Update: They really did try to charge a full 5% of the original total (about $150 out of $3k!) to my credit card. I have disputed it and the card rep all but assured me this charge will not stand and that this merchant will likely wind up on a watch list (if they aren't already). I can't stress enough that the only good reviews of this criminal enterprise come from their associates. The only true reviews, such as this, will reveal their true colors. Stay away!!

This is obviously a very, very shady outfit. No cost savings is worth this kind of experience. DO NOT BUY!!! Buyers Beware!!!

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