my control prepaid mastercard / they aided a fraudster to steal my money!!

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I have been a longtime and faithful Netspend banking customer for many years. It started out as being a backup card/account which eventually turned into my primary account. After work one day, I go grocery shopping and my card was declined. I went to the ATM and it kept telling me that my pin # was incorrect. I got home and logged into my account online and there were 2 unauthorized transactions. One shows that "I" had transferred funds to someone in Massachusetts (I live in New York) and with their online interface, it shows you the name of the person you transferred the money to. The 2nd transaction was a "p2p fee". In the history of my account, I have only transferred funds to someone via phone maybe once. The 2nd attempt I tried, the experience was so horrible, that I hung up and the transfer was never completed. They asked me PUBLIC RECORDS information and then told me that I gave the wrong answers so I would have to call back and try again. When you transfer online, there are no fees, so I knew immediately that whoever did this did it through Netspend's customer service.

Obviously upset, I called Netspend and filed a claim but I also needed to know WHO exactly this person was, WHAT information of mine did they really have and WAS Netspend the one who really dropped the ball on this. I simply asked the agent what is your procedure for transferring funds over the phone. At first he stated that they would need the entire card number and cvc code from the back of the card. Knowing from past experience that this can't possibly be true, I asked what information was used to AUTHENTICATE the caller to help them determine that it was me calling. The agent's response went from the previous information that he game me, to now being that they would also need the answer to my security question and the last four of my SSN. I was given the usual spiel about how they needed a handwritten letter and signature stating that this was an unauthorized charge. I was so upset and the agent was so nervous that by the end of the call, he VOLUNTEERED the fraudster's full physical address!!! I was upset because he told me I had to wait 10 business days for a refund. The only information Netspend shows you online is the NAME of the individual that the money was sent to. I demanded that the agent give me the ZIP CODE to where MY money was sent to. I couldn't believe that after being placed on and off of hold that this agent came back on the phone and said I have the address of the fraudster, let me know when you're ready to write it down!!!

Of course, the information was helpful and through my own means, I was able to verify that this person was indeed associated to the address that was given to me and I was even able to track down the person's phone # and verify it. Had Netspend not given me this information, I would have never been able to confirm her identity. So, if it was THAT easy to get the personal details of a complete stranger, how can i automatically assume that it was Netspend that didn't drop the ball originally?!

My handwritten dispute letter (which I will attach here if I can find the option) stated the full details of the situation AND the customer service phone call. I went a step further and requested that the phone call in question be pulled and listened to so I can simply see if I have a stranger out there running wild with my personal details.

This whole interaction and my handwritten letter was sent on a Thursday (4/24) and by that Monday (4/27) to my surprise, not only was my funds back on my card but I also had a missed call from a CORPORATE english speaking represenative who had my claim on her desk. We played phone tag for no more than 2 days before we finally spoke. She was very professoinal and seemed to have an actual CARE about what was going on. She understood my position and understood WHY I needed to know what was said/done on that phone call with the fraudster. She ASSURED me that she had pulled the recordings for the THREE phone calls made to customer service that day (I only made one call) and would follow up with me as soon as possible to let me know what she found out.

Today is 5/16, more than 2 weeks later and she has NOT reached back out to me again. I left about 4 messages with her in total and the last one was NOT nice and professional like I had been up until now. At this point, I am spreading the story around on social media and beyond so people can see how this business really operates. Save yourself aggravation and stress by just dealing in cash or a real bank that you can physically go into. These prepaid card companies (and others) that use outsourcing agents 75% of the time need to be put to an end. When it comes to customer service and dealing with consumers who are filling YOUR pockets, you cant skimp on the simple things like TRAINING and CUSTOMER SERVICE. I wouldn't doubt that it was an "inside job" and trust me, I will get to the bottom of it.

May 16, 2015

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