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I purchased a Rooketa scooter from this company on April 2017. However, within 3 months I was already having problems with the scooter. I contact Mxmotorsport and I spoke to Rick who was the one I bought the scooter from. He told me that I would need to contact his partner Jeff at JVmotorsport because he was no longer in business. So, I contact Jeff so I took the scooter and they inform me that they will have the engine check for me. But that I would have to pay for the labor and shipping price of the engine. I left the scooter there under those terms for them to fix it. However the estimate time would be from 8-14 days. Because the company Rooketa was very slow. So, I agree however everytime I call JVmotorsport it was a different story about the engine. So, I decided to take a drive to the shop and see what was going on. They still had the bike there and were waiting on Rooketa to ship the engine.

Well, they had my scooter in the shop for about 2 months and finally I got tired of all there lies. So, when I began to presure them they inform me that they were also going out of business and that my scooter was ready for me to pick up. So, I go and pick up the scooter at one of there employees house because they no longer had the shot. When I get there the scooter is not even turning on. I inform Joe that I want some type of proof that this engine was ship to Rooketa and he told me that he didn't have that . Becuase Rooketa never sent any paperwork. So, right there I knew that they never shipped the engine. In, other words they repair the engine themselves.

As, I looked at the scooter there were screws that were missing and cracks on the body of the engine. When, I ask Joe he said that he had nothing to do with that it must of been from Rooketa.

Now, I have a scooter that doesn't work and it was at that time under warranty now it cost me a lot more to get it fix. I was ripped off by both company as well as Rooketa. I can not even get a hold of there customer service.

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  •   Oct 17, 2008
    MxMotorsports - Should be out in jail
    United States

    I ordered a Roketa 250 cc scooter, last August 30th from Mxmotorsports, they were very quick in taking my money but all I got is a scooter that has the handle bars welded wrong (when you hold it straight the front tire point to the right) and it does not start. After numerous calls and emails to Rick (customer service person) I realized that I was not going to get any help from them like they promise to do. So I took it to a mechanic and he said that it can't be fixed. These people should be put in jail!

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  • Ti
      Dec 17, 2008
    MxMotorsports - Worst customer service
    West Palm Beach Fl
    United States

    Long story short, these people have no follow through and will sell you a piece of crap. I bought a scooter from them and within the first month the front bearings needed to be replaced. Shortly after the center stand broke and the front brake caliper became warped. Realize at this point only 200 miles were on the scooter. Called Mxmotorsports and parts were under warranty and supposedly an order placed on Sept. 8th. It's now December 17th and I still do not have my parts. I have sent numerous emails and spoke on the phone several times with no results. This guy was rude and if you value your money, you won't buy from him. He's a crook and will be more than happy to take your money and run. Just look at the other comments left for this company. Buyer beware...

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  • Ga
      Aug 22, 2010

    MX MOTORSPORTS !! Do'nt do it!! Should have taken my money elsewhere. Slick Webb page and lies, told I would have my 2 bikes in time for the week end. "You will b e riding by the week end"" Were the words used. Week end here no bikes!!! Rick leads you to believe "HE OPERATES A WHEREHOUSE" He does not. Everything comes out of Cal. He is rude never calls back and RE: on e-mail if he thinks you may stop payment, treats you as if you are interupting his Porn viewing. BUT only after he gets that money. Took my check on Aug.11 2017 it is now Aug.22 2017 and the bikes just arrived in Col. Oh. on Fri night . Now it will be Tue. before I can get delivery. I know that the trucker is not going to want to hang till I do a PDI also BUT quess what RICKY He will or I refuse delivery any damage REFUSED NO I do not want replacement parts MONEY BACK PLEASE. Deal with a local dealer not on line swine.

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  • Ge
      Apr 24, 2013

    Just needed to say that I bought a 150 motorbike from Rick at mxmotorsports and I have nothing but praise for him.
    I was looking online as I live in Jamaica and was very much put off by all these negative comments, sending $1500 to a company in a different company in the hope you will get your item is a scary prospect.
    Rick was great!
    There was a small teething problem with the original documents but Rick went out of his way to sort it out as soon as possible- due to the bike being unable to ship without the correct papers. He came in to the shop extra early and made sure it was rectified in a very timely manner.
    I could hear how stressed he was dealing with rude angry customers that decided to start their original problems with anger and disrespect- you get what you give.
    I understand that not all transactions are seamless and its the way the problem is dealt with that is what counts, I approached Rick with respect and good manners and he dealt with me the same way.
    I have had my amazing bike for over a year now and I am due to get another one -and, yes it will be from Rick AT mXMotorSports.

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  • Who ever post this last ###in post sucks balls.. rick William n who ever else works in mxmotorsports suck a dick .. there scamers .. crooks.. wish I live close to beat all there ###.. I will show them how to really jack people. . ###en jotos.

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  • Mi
      Jul 26, 2016
    MxMotorsports - no service after sale
    2385 NW 70 Ave #A-02
    United States
    Phone: [protected]

    if you need parts or help with your scooter after you buy it you're OK for the first few months... after that you're screwed. even though they have the lowest priced scooters around, it's best if you buy from another store that you can get future service when needed... because these things do break down and need parts every couple thousand miles.

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