MVQ Travel Member / charges on my cc

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I ordered the Slim in 6 Exercise DVD Program from one of those late night infomercials. The Program was great but at the same time I was charged the $40 for that, I started to see charges from MVQ Travel Member AND BeachBody Vitamins AND Activity Vitamins!

It took about an hour but I did get 3 months of charges back for all of them but MVQ TravelMember was impossible to reach since the 800 number the bank has for them is nothing but a busy signal. I found another number for them on this site, thank god, and finally talked to a nice person who refunded everything. So call402-661-2000 if you want to get something done!!! Thanks to the great person who posted that!

In total I am getting over $200 back for all these charges for memberships that I never signed up for! I guess the lesson is to watch your bank account closely or just don't order anything over the phone or internet unless you're sure about the vendor.

This kind of time consuming, time wasting, needless effort crap really gets me! Why can't people just be honest!


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