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Sorry but all of you guys maybe should not enter your credit card online. is a valid web site, cleary states the $1. 00 charge is just a "membership" processing fee!!! If americans would read, we would not have this issue, but since everyone wants to be stubborn, you do not realize you are signing up for a membership? Why would a website ask you just for $1. 00? Use common sense the bbb can not do anything about savings ace, they are a valid company, and call centers are who you are contacting with there could be millions, no address is going to be provided due to that is not the corporate address. The customer service representatives are not informed of that information because that is not their job, their job is to take your mouth that is it, also no where in their job description does it say they have to due math! So asking them for a total is going to make your self look like a fool. If you do not want their services simple call, cancel, ask politley for a refund and guarentee you will be easily and fastly refunded. Cussing does not help the situation, only makes you look like an immature idiot who does not know how to read.

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  • Ka
      Jul 17, 2009

    I just posted a complaint about unauthorized charges to my Visa . I just called the company and they said I joined by visiting a web site...they are cancelling the "membership" and refunding to my account the money.
    Karen Courts

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  • Ju
      Jul 26, 2009

    I just noticed an unauthorized charge on my bank ststement from "msq*saveface" on my july print out, also on my june statement. There is no address or phone number where I can lodge a complaint! Both charges are for $14.95. Can you help me? [protected]

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  • Ju
      Jul 26, 2009

    Do you answer via my email? I'm 75 yo and definitely not conversant with a computer. Is it possible to retrieve my money? Karen could you send me the company's phone number? Thanks in advance. juanita

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  • Aa
      Nov 29, 2009
    Mvq Saveace - MVQ SAVEACE
    United States

    I have now been billed $14.95, total of $74.75 for MVQ*SAVEACE. I have never been a member so I don't understand where they got my info to bill me. I want my money credited back to my credit card. I am notifying my credit card company to file a complaint.

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  • Ar
      Dec 20, 2009
    Mvq Saveface - Unauthorized billing
    United States

    This company, who I ever heard of, billed my V8e663ISA credit card for$24.95 on 12/1/2009

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  • Pm
      Jun 01, 2010

    Just had the same problem showing on this months bill of our AMX card. Ya know, there is a lot to be said for paying a little more for an American Express credit card. When we called them about this MQVsaveace charge the gentleman was very aware of what it was all about. Seems as though if you purchase anything through places like TRAVELOCITY, you automatically get hooked up with these pirates who charge you a MONTHLY "membership fee". AMX rep assured us they would accept no further charges on our credit card and they dismissed the current charges from them.

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  • Pa
      Jun 16, 2010

    Hi All,

    I noticed the same thing on my bank statement. $19.95 deducted for three consecutive months each month. I just called up my bank and they connected me to the claims deptt.

    Claims deptt. connected me to the merchant who promised to cancel membership and refund the charges.
    I am looking forward to the refund in next 4-5 days.

    Any of you who suffered the same thing, please call up your bank immediately.

    Cheers !!


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  • Ta
      Aug 16, 2016
    MVQ SAVACE - unauthorized charges
    United States

    Two months in a row I have received a charge from this unknown company of $19.95 that I did not authorize. How do I get them to stop charging me?

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  • Re
      Aug 16, 2016
    Mvq Saveace - Fraud
    Adaptive Marketing LLC
    United States
    Phone: [protected]

    My Bank of America card was charged $19.95 from mvq saveace. Never authorized anything with this company. Spoke to Maxine Cinningham with fraud dept. of B of A and was told my account would have to be closed and a new one opened. I cancelled my account with this mvq co. thru the automated phone instructions but, intend to get conf.# from a rep, I will hold as long as it takes and then send emails to this co. demanding them to never charge me for this B/S again! Keep a close eye on any activity from this co. Look up there website and check other names they use. Don't let them get away with fraud!!!

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