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i was charged on my credit card $79.76 on 9/7/08 for what? i dont know, i called chase bank and they told me it was taken out by mv performance, i didnt give them permission to take out $79.76, but i did authorize on 8/27/08 for $4.87 t0 be withdrawed for acai berries which they sent me a 1 oz bottle with 10 capsules for they claim the price of shipping .See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Orem, UT chase bank gave me the phone # [protected] to mv performance which i get a recording it says do to high volume calls to go to then hangs up the phone, i cannot find such a website. i hope some one can resolve this problem this was taken out of my unemployement visa card and that was all the money i had, so i hope some one can help me fast, thank you darrell w

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  • Ei
      Sep 10, 2008

    I am very very upset with you all, I was charged the $74.95 for the bottle cause i requested a trial period of the $4.95 for 10 pills sampler. I called after i saw charge on my account of the $74.95 i sent the bottle of pills back in original package to get refund back. i called you all and you said you cannot give me refund nor could you send me the pills back so you are going to keep my money and the pills. that is not right at all. have called and now sending letter to office!!! plus no supervisor is available to speak to get this taken care of.



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  • Ta
      Sep 10, 2008

    To Whom It May Concern,

    You have quite a system going, don't you?

    You fool folks into purchasing your trial offer, and then you have the credit card number to which you use over and over again and you don't even provide or give anyone a way to contact you to stop orders from being charged by you. Oh and by the way, your message on the phone gives a website address that isn't even a real site, it just delivers you to this place to drop a message of complaint

    Now this is a scam if I ever saw one. Just so you know, I have canceled my credit card so you might have gotten a few more bucks out of me, but that will be the last you get.

    Not that this request will do a bit of good, but will you please contact me at the email address provided so I can ask you to refund the amount of money you took without my approval and to stop any further orders from be charged or mailed to me. Just like you, your product is also a scam...


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  • To
      Sep 17, 2008

    I ordered the sample and was also charged 79.76 on my debit card and for what I do not know either I have also cancelled my debit card and would also like my money back, I also have tried to call and got your stupid message and bogus wed site, this is a
    scam if I have ever seen one. I would like for you to contact me at this email and give me back my money!!!

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  • Ma
      Sep 25, 2008

    My credit card was also charged a fee of 74.95 by MV Products after I requested the free sample and paid for the shipping. I have received absolutely nothing, and have reported you to my credit card company. What a scam!

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  • Ci
      Oct 16, 2008

    My debit card was also charged and my bank will be disputing this charge... I have tried several times to call the # on file, I only get a msg that my party is not answering. I have not recieved anything from your company other than the trial bottle that I ordered and paid for. I did not care for the product that I tried and will not be ordering in the future. my trial bottle did not come with any other information to contact your company.. very unhappy with your company...

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  • Fr
      Oct 27, 2008

    I know that that people are angry because this company is taking money out of their account and they don’t know why or they did not give permission for them to be taken money out of their accounts but this people must have agreed to something or the company would be under already. I went in to the pure acai berries site and found the terms and condition that the customer had to agree to and guess what all of this people that are complaining agreed to have money taken out every month for some home delivery plan. It also lets them know how to cancel. So there is really no excuse all the customers just didn't read the terms and conditions.

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  • Wa
      Dec 04, 2008

    I know everyone is angry...because so am wife ordered a trial bottle of acai berry...then was billed 79.76...well i went down to the bank and had a hold put on this...they sent the pills...i called and told them i was sending the pills back and wanted my card refunded...I guy I talked to was very rude and said he cannot do that...So I sent the pills back...On October 10th they sent me an email stating that they would refund in the the 45 days...well here it is December Money...So now I just tried to email them and tell them that my refund has not come...Thats when I noticed that there is no return email address'es on the emails that they sent me...So now I cannot contact them...I think everyone should start a law suit against them...

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