MV ComputerTerrible experience

I financed this laptop from MV Computer, owned by a guy named Michael VanHeusen. I have income each month from unemployment benefits, which I am entitled to because I have always had a REAL JOB! (unlike Mike, but whatever. I am not a scammer) I don't get food stamps or cash assistance from the government because I choose not to.

Plus, being a felon and all, cash assistance would not be available to me anyhow. I gave the debit card info to mike and Melinda at MV Computer so they could automatically withdraw payment each week and were guaranteed the money.

In fact, when my debit card came up missing, I called to let them know I was being sent a new card and when I received the card, I gave them the new debit info and had them take 2 payments since I had missed one waiting. I don't feel bad about using the State card to pay for a computer because 1. I have earned that money and 2. A computer is a useful tool when looking for employment.

Well, my phone was shut off because I couldn't afford to pay for it because I had to cover all the rent that month since my roommate hurt himself and couldn't work for 3 weeks. I had to take out a loan on the laptop to pay my phone bill (which my mother advised me was necessary to do, by the way) When looking for employment, a phone is essential. I got the phone back on. However, I did not SELL the laptop, I BORROWED on it. If the intent is there to get it back, it is not selling stolen property or destruction of property. In fact, I continued to make my payment EVERY WEEK still! I was paying on a laptop I didn't even have in my possession. I would say that counts for something.

I finally found work for a local non-profit in town and was loving my job. I was only part-time so of course my benefits from AZUI were less now, but still enough to pay my smaller bills. Well, I got my first paycheck and went home and was looking through the newspaper, when all of the sudden, some guy and some woman(if you want to call it that) came walking through my fence looking for me.

It took a minute to recognize the guy (he looked like a cop at first since he was wearing a GUN on his hip) It was the MV Computer people looking for me. They wanted their payment. I was confused because they had my new card info and payment has been taken out everyweek. I even was a week ahead in the middle of July. As it turned out, my unemployment was a little late since they had to adjust the amount now that I was working part-time and I was not aware of this since I file the same day every week.

That's right people, I reported my wages earned since that is the right and LEGAL way to do it. They wanted to know what was going on with the money since my card was declined. I told them I was sorry and if they wanted to run me to the bank(I have no car so I bus it and ride my bike alot)I could be happy to give them the cash. They took me across the street to US Bank and I cashed the check and asked them how many weeks I owed them for.

As it turns out, I owed them for that week only! 38.00 because of the $3.00 late fee added. I gave them $50.00 which put me ahead again. But, the real issue is that they showed up at my HOME, wearing a GUN on his hip and I was only 2 days late! 2 DAYS!!! By law, you are supposed to miss 3 payments before the lender can repossess. That would be 21 days late. Not 2.

Anyways, I was working one day about a month later and the phone rang. I answered it and it was Mike from MV computers telling me the card didn't go through again. Come to discover, he accidentally ran the old lost card number, not the new one. He told me I owed him $38.00 for late fee. I asked him why I should have to pay the late fee over his mistake. He agreed and ran it for $35.00.

I told him now that he had my new number, please do not call me at work because I would get in trouble. Couple weeks later, labor day cause the deposit to be 2 days later than normal because Chase Bank is closed on government holidays. Mike called me again...AT WORK!!! I told him I understood that he has to pay to run the card and I agreed to pay through PayPal instead on my own to save him the costs.

He stated that he didn't want to deal with the debit or PayPal options and he just wanted to cancel out the contract and take the computer back. I said not unless he agreed to give me back all the money I have been paying on it since I was financing, not leasing. I was not behind on payments so there was no reason to do so. He even wanted me to pay the contract cancellation fees when HE was the one breaking the contract! Unbelievable!

I told him no, stop harassing me and not to call my work ever again and then I hung up on him. Guess what? He immediately called back on my work phone! He started getting aggressive with me on the line, stating he was pissed off at me for hanging up on him blah blah blah. I told him for the 3rd time 'Do not EVER call me at work again'. and then I hung up. What did he do? CALLED ME RIGHT BACK!

My co-worker answered and told him that I was not allowed to receive personal calls and he began to yell at her! She was very upset and hung up on him again. HE CALLED AGAIN!!! Stated that he was going to show up there and air my business, ect... I told him to go for it, since I had a sub-station for TPD in my office. He hung up and didn't show up. I made my payment.

The following week, my landlord called me at work, wanting to know who he was because he had gone to her house looking for Justin before (Justin Eubanks and I coincidentally lived on the same property) and was now calling her looking for me. He claimed to get my new address (I had recently moved and after he came the one day with a gun to my house, I didn't want him to know where the new place was)and tried tricking Debra by saying, 'she lives in #11, right?' Debra gave him no info and told him to stay the ### away from her house and not to call. He claimed to have gotten my new address from Pima County Assessors website. Bull!

You can only find property OWNER info from there. Not renters. Plus, I was not on a lease and had not put in change of address with the post office. I had given him my mother's address as an alternate MAILING ADDRESS!!! Not a place of residence. Why the hell was he looking for me anyhow? I was paying him! Stalker? Perhaps...Needless to say, I was fired from my job that I loved over 'my personal issues and lack of transportation'. Great... Now I am pissed...really pissed! I told him to take me to court and sue me at that point.

Michael VanHeussen began text messaging my phone and so did his partner(girlfriend) Melinda. It was to the point of obsession. I told him I had a funeral to be at and to not disturb me at that time. Did he stop texting me? NOPE! I stated I would talk to my so called mother and find out what I should do and if she would be able to help me and then I would get back to him. You want to know what that A**HOLE did? He showed up at my mother's home at 8pm and told her that I stole a computer from his business and claimed that it was at her house and she would not give it up. They claimed that there were police reports filed against me and that this was a felony and I would be going back to prison.

Now, thanks to that, my mother has disowned me and probably the rest of my family on that side too. They were calling my aunt's home to look for me(since i used her as a family reference) and harassing her too. There is nothing like hearing your mother pissed off so much so, I couldn't even understand her due to the yelling. He even told her that My house was [censored] and looked like trash which is ABSOLUTELY NOT TRUE!!!

So, here are the basics on this guy and his man/woman:

1. His name is not even really Michael...It is Gary. He had it changed to start his business. Why? Because Gary has multiple pending assault charges filed against him. What...Did you beat your wife or something? That makes me even more nervous having him stalk me. I am a single female who is not allowed to own a firearm anymore and he was coming to my home harassing me.

2. The guy has a wife he is still married to, so who is Melinda? Mistress? Girlfriend? Sounds like Adultery if you ask me. Isn't that illegal?

3. Justin Eubanks was asked to do sinister tasks for MV Computer because he is very good with computers and when he said no, they became unhappy and are now causing problems for him and his family. He isn't living in Dove Mountain either. Good luck finding him though.

4.This charge in small claims court he filed is a civil charge, not criminal like he told my mother. I will not be going back to prison over it. Despite what he told my mother. I have written statements from my ex co-worker, landlord and boss regarding his harassment.

5.MV Computer refuses to provide me with past receipts for my records and claims that I didn't pay as much as I should. Because I used my State unemployment card, it is not a normal account I can pull statements from(that was my mistake)

6. Gary(not Michael) was able to start his business because of a large amount of money he received through illegal acts(although the investigator my lawyer used was unable to disclose)

So, post what you will about me. Craigslist. this site, ect...your company is sweaty and you are a fraud and you will get yours eventually. That's how it works. I now have no family support thanks to your LIES and I can only play with the hand I have been dealt. Good Luck with your business, ripping people off, harassing paying customers and stalking young women, GARY. I am going to move on and when I do see you in court over this matter, I will have all the witnesses, documents and legal support I need to clear my name. Have a good holiday!


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