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Muvee Technologies/element / Total Scam!

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I thought I would impress my friends on You Tube with a cool movie editing program... WRONG! This was a total waste of time and money! I have the program disk, I have the License key for "muvee stylePack - Hi-Octane" but it does not work! I says it is in the computer, but even with a Search, it can not be located. I have tried this install over and over again... still does not do what ever it is suppose to do. I have contacted Which refers me to some page from Elements that has nowhere to post any sort of question! I get no response from either of them and I have lost my 33.90 forever. I guess I could use the CD as a coaster?
There is more to this story! I looked on the Wed and there is a place called
Yes, a whole big Web Site that will answer any questions about any problems you "might" have with But get this, you have to PAY THEM MONEY! Can you believe all this?

I tried, they ripped me off and there is not a Damn thing I can do to contact real people or ever try to get my money back!

I just wanted a Movie program... and and and are giant scams that should be avoided! They will stop at nothing to get your money! I leave you with nothing except the feeling of how stupid you were, to fall for it... I give up on any sort of future movie programs... I will stick with the free Windows Movie Maker, that is free and came with the computer.

The only thing I can do, is write of it here.

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  • Yi
      20th of Jul, 2009
    0 Votes

    Hi Radicalreels, I would like to help. Can you drop me an email? yihyeong AT muvee DOT com. Thanks.

  • Ra
      21st of Jul, 2009
    0 Votes

    Update! After this post (I sent Muvee the Link) I received a full refund! Would I ever Buy anything from Muvee? No!

  • Be
      3rd of Sep, 2009
    0 Votes

    I have Muvee auto Producer 4.0 and the upgrade 5.0. I've always had difficulty with the program in one way or another and now with HP's support we were not able to resolve a RUNTIME ERROR message I keep receiving when I try to save or burn a movie. I was unable to SUBMIT my issue on their TEch support page also.

  • Ba
      18th of Jun, 2018
    0 Votes

    I just notified Muvee for perhaps the 4th or 5th time, (I have lost count !!) to inform them that - I was AGAIN sent a link that provides me with only a very short TRIAL period. I paid for Muvee Encore "in full" online and it is not advertised as a trail period service. The handler of their finances (a separate entity) sent me a receipt. Why would one purchase a 1-MONTH TRAIL for a little-known video editing software -- rather than unlimited use of Power Director, Magix, Vegas or any other of respected software? They would not, unless they were duped, or crazy. Either this company is in the business or duping people, or they are one of the most inept businesses I have ever encountered. Sorry, there are only two options at this point. Their correspondence with me "for the past month" has been convincingly polite, if not friendly sounding, if not chirpy and has been followed by a new link each time, with blistering words of encouragement to contact them again if I should need any further assistance. It is as though, I have paid seventy something dollars for a English pen-pal. Now, a month into this baffling journey of irritation -- I have just now sent Muvee my newest (3rd, or 4th... I lost count) and 2 screen shots to prove my situation. Soon, I anticipate yet another polite, helpful-sounding and apologetic message from Muvee. However, this is the last straw. If another TRIAL offer link is sent - my bank will intercede for me. Maybe there is a disconnect between their Customer Service and Network Operations Center Technician(s). It would be interesting to know what percentage of customers have been pleased with the product. Unfortunately, people tend to extend complaints more often than complements. It may be that they have a lot of happy customers. I will surf the net for that in just a sec. IF Muvee can resolve my problem (a month plus and counting...) - I will complement them for at least doing that -- but will certainly not recommend their product or "service" to anyone else.

  • Ba
      18th of Jun, 2018
    0 Votes

    Compliment, not complement...

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