Mutual Coin Capitalso lame

I don't really understand the numbers provided by the company.
You can find in on the "About us" page. Everything is so shady.
First of all, they claim they have 28 Years of Start-up Experience. Really? Isn't that too much? Who from the team members has so many years of experience? Altogether?
They have 37 current investments. Impressive? Let's see their portfolio to see the examples. I see 15 only, where are the others? And can be these 15 companies or projects in this portfolio? Or are those random projects?
And honestly speaking the portfolio looks strange as well. Because they mention Bitcoin. It's a cryptocurrency, not a fund, not a company. Did the company invest in cryptocurrency? Congrats. But what's the point of telling us about it?
They also say about 13 specialist industries. What are the examples?
It seems like I have to pry every word of information out of them.
They didn't try hard to convinced me to invest. I recommend you to display vigilance as well and stay away from these cowboys from an unknown country.

Dec 05, 2018

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