Murano india Pvt LtdNot furnishing of cheque book required urgently

We have delivered requisition slip for issue of new cheque book at Green Park Branch about 45 days back. Regret to inform inspite of our repeated follow up we have not received the cheque book. Now we want to transfer funds for staff salary. I have requested the branch head to issue us few cheque leaves if new cheque book took few days . On her reply she said I can't issue the cheque leaves. For this Director's has to visit the branch alongwith ID proof as well as companies letter head and stamp. I requested her since the Directors has authorised one of our executive to collect the cheque leaves. Inspite of my request she has refused to do so. In her response I also requested her to have a word with our Director but she refused to. Now under this circumstances I want to know who is the suferer. The customer or the Bank. In this case the customer because he can't use his own fund. If the customer is suferering then what is the co-operation we received from Bank. Some time keeping in view the facts and circumstances of the case bank should co operate with the customer. I should mentioned here that this is not the first time no of times I my self faced a lot of problem with this branch. I will request you to kindly look into the matter and take appropriate action against the person involved .

With warm regards

Pawan Jain
Vice President (Finance)
Murano India Pvt Ltd

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