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Mumbai ballard Pier Forigen post / Inhumane treatment and harrasing of citzens

1 India

Dear alll
This is to inform you that the Ballaed pier foriegn post has now become White Collared Robbers using the govertment powers a criminaly is booked under the provision of law but these people are free i had a horrible experince once again to begin with i am anceint indian coins collector i had order one udaipur
coin from ausralia which was despacthed on 5th August it never reached me on 25th august i really got worried and called the seller he said he had despatched to this i said how come it did not reach me
when he send it by registered post? then i thought maybe its lying with Ballrd pier forigen post and called them on 27aug yes i was right after repeated calls they confessed that they had my coins prior to this the coins was lying with them for more then 2 week's but they send no letter intimating they have my coin in thier posession.honestly i fell this is an attempt to rob you in a systematic way after months pass and there are no claims then they might be putting this in thier pockets or carrying it in thier homes this malpractice is being carried out since years because no one
has made any complaint whatsoever against them.On 4 previous ocassions they have detained my coin but late released it after i payed the duty but this time one Ms naik was checking the books and said we have to do some discussion regarding your coin i said why do u need to do that? when on past 4 ocassions your office has released
the coin taking the duty now why? to this she had no answer and kept on looking at books why do they employee such officials with lack of knowledge? when Lakhs of able youth are unemployed in our country? further more she said all you youth are lazy and Useless(Nalayak) want everything fast all of you should be whipped(CHAPKYA NE FODLE PAHEZE) and all youth means i am also included that was it enough my pride was hurt this is not the
language to be used while converstion she might have said this unintentionally but she said it as we say that once a bullet leaves a gun it cannot be called back what she said is smilar and so after office hours i went to Crawford market and i have made a F.I.R agaisnt her the cops were nice enough to do that as they understood my pain
how can she say useless(nalayak)? without knowing a persons backgroud could she have said this to some senior police inspector? or a politician? the answer is No cause she might have lost her job on the spot but we as citizens have no value here in india we all are treated like trash sumtimes this is a difficult country to live day by day our anceint kings and heads were 1000 times better then this people it was said jehangir had a bell outside his palace and anytime anyone could ring it and make a complaint against the highest govt official and the emperor would take suitable action for this reason everyone was afarid to take bribes or do injustice but now all is a mess
anybody does anything without any fear whatsoever today she used such unparlimentary Language tommrow this employess will take a stick and start to beat you ohh yes that can happen too if timely action is not taken all have to unite under one room and form a org and take them up to the Court then only then can the system
improve when there will be a judicial inquire in this matter for this i need all the troubled to take up this cause in your life and fight for justice and lets see what your country and the able people can give us against this non-performing and evil foregin post people may god save this country and its people from such anarchy
or else one day the doomesday will come near.
Youth is the future of our nation and the indian cricket team is full of youth
Sachin Gupte
Intrested citizens willing to make a change should contact me on my
mobile or email as i am froming a group of all the harrased citizens
and taking this criminals to court this week i need numbers cause
strength is in number even if there is a judicial and vigilance inquiry into this we can relax and these people have to pay for thier
wrong doing

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