MultiChoice Africa / DSTVcancellation of glow tv

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I am very outraged on the decision of dstv to cancel Glow tv. There are so many channels that do not have enough viewers but they are still broadcasting we are paying dstv for stupid channels and we dont even watch them. We want Glow tv back as they have more than a million active viewers. I am going to cancel dstv and get OV hd which is way cheaper and they still have glow tv. Dstv is a waste of money you all are terrible. I regret even wasting my money on such a terrible service provider who cant keep the interest of they clients. I wish everybody could cancel dstv and realize what a waste their are. #Useless

Apr 03, 2018
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      Apr 08, 2018

    The substitute Indian programme channels (zeeW and ebella) are substandard to glowtv. They are an insult to Indian viewers as they are dubbed into English with the most ridiculous accents and mispronunciation of hindu names and words. DSTV does not even allow viewers to watch these programmes in the original language. It is not worth having DSTV anymore. OV would be a far better replacement. I anticipate that the decision DSTV has taken to remove glowtv is going to lead a lot of loss in viewer subscription. A very poor decision on behalf of dstv to remove glowtv.

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  • Ma
      Apr 08, 2018

    @629 Me too dear this people are sick in there heads do they even know how many people are watching glow TV no I don't think so bring it back or we are cancelling our dstv

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  • Le
      Apr 14, 2018

    Well I’m going to buy OVHD as it has glow there, rather than getting stuck with Dstv that doesn’t take its customers serious.

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