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Muller Chevy Dealership / Only problems!

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My wife recently purchased a used truck from the Muller Chevy Dealership that has made us very unhappy due to problems that we have encountered since we took the truck home. Complaints are as follows:

- the brakes of the truck screeches on and off which is very anoying.
- the front signal light of the trucks keeps on getting busted.after a couple of days that they replace the damaged part.

We have gone back to the dealership already twice for the same complaints and as of this writing the truck is at the dealership for them to fix.
When we test drove the truck the time we were buying the truck, the brakes was screeching so much that the service manager took the truck for a drive to heat the brakes which eventually the sound dis-appeared when he came back after his drive.

During this time we were talkng to the sales person that maybe we could get a new car instead of the used truck with a lower selling price but was informed that we most probably would not be able to get a financing company to approved our application which we found to be somewhat incorrect. if they got the approval for the used truck with a higher price with the financing company already why would we not be able to get the same approval for a lesser amount.

I dicussed today with the service manager that the screeching sound of the brakes that conmes and goes is not a normal thing, however the reply I got from the manager was that even new model of Trail Blazers have the same screeching sounds which I can not accept is normal for the quality of GM trucks that are sold to the public.

He further told me that they might change the front brakes to see if the sound dis-appears however this is all what they can do and will not guarantee that the sound would dis-appear. We would have to live with the anoying sound if it continues as he says this is a normal occurence on GM Trucks.

I approched the sales person today to complain about our situation and was advise to talk to the manager about it but when i went to the manager, he was not at all helpfull but seemed to be even arrogant to me. I later learned frrom the sales person that they were having some problems in their office which is not a reason for a customer to be treated in the manner that I was teated by the manger were he even raised his voice to me and suddenly left me and went back to his office.

We being only a couple of years here as residents in the US have no clear idea about our rights and what we can do to resolve our situation. we would appreciate getting advise from your office so that we can resolve our unhappy situation to our satisfaction..

Thank you so much.


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  • Wm
      18th of Nov, 2006
    0 Votes

    I will be happy to look into this problem for you.

  • Sc
      24th of Jan, 2007
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    Our offer to replace the brakes for free was turned down as this customers motivation was to try and get a new car for the same price as the preowned unit we sold.

    This is an unfair portrayal of our dealership and we ask complaints board to remove this comment.

  • Sa
      1st of Mar, 2009
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    I agree with Rafael, this dealership has very deceitful practices, like to omit important facts to the consumers

  • Ja
      18th of Nov, 2009
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    Well, this is just another person that actually came forward to voice THEIR misfortune with Muller Chevrolet! Let me tell you - a Trail Blazer does NOT make screeching noises - that is NOT normal! My sister bought one brand new - and it is 6 years old and IT DOES NOT SCREECH! Yes, I agree with you - the sales manager is extremely arrogant and rude - I'd like to see him be taken advantage of like this and see how he deals with it. Hopefully enough complaints will come in and Mr. Muller will see how his name and company are being BASHED all over NJ and PA!!! Customer Satisfaction is how you run a company - lack that - and the word gets around! I can already tell you I have cost this dealership the sale of at LEAST 3 brand new cars - so they will never now the money they could have gained - but I KNOW and now all of you know they are LOSERS! It's a shame really - how people can be so heartless and selfish and down right disgusting just to make a BUCK! The should really be ashamed of themselves!

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