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Michael Robertson owns
Mike Robertson owns

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Attorneys on Avvo have made the comments below. Would they have made these comments if it was them or their children on I don't think so!

"The mugshot is public information. Anyone could have looked it up as soon as the government publicized it. It could have been printed in the paper or broadcast on tv. A radio announcer could have described it."

"Mugshots are public records of the actions of the government. It is lawful everywhere in the U.S., so far as I know, to publish documents and photographs that are public records of the actions of the government. People are apoplectic about the existence of these mugshot sites but they are an unfortunately humiliating byproduct of open government and the First Amendment. "

"When the police book you and take your photo after your arrest, that photo is a governmental document. We live in a democratic country where most governmental documents are not secret and anyone can obtain a copy. "

"Unfortunately, it is public record. There are services where you can pay for removal for a fee. There is not much you can do because it is public record and you were arrested."

"Sorry, but the pictures are public record and they can be posted online. We have had a half-dozen or more questions asking this very same question. The answer is the same and the answer is that this is totally legal. If you want to stop this you will have to change the law in your state. Until then, as long as the pictures are public record there is little you can do."

"it appears to be legal. One way to view it is via 1st Amendment protections that would apply to a newspaper or radio station. In our small community, every non-juvenile arrest goes to the 8:00 AM radio and in the newspapes. Some news stories include the mug shot."

"the website is within its rights to post the mugshot"

" and other mug shot display websites base their existence on the rule that mug shots are public, official records, and that a citizen does not have a state law privacy interest in them. Further, under the First Amendment, most official, public records can be obtained with permission, third-party release, or proper request under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), if they are not already publicly-available documents to begin with.

If the official mug shot is part of an arrest record, the mug shot could be considered part of the public domain in some jurisdictions. Even if a mug shot is not officially considered part of an arrest record, it is generally a photographic record in the public domain and the laws of most jurisdictions allow one to request and obtain these types of records.

Some states recognize a common law right to privacy, and the Appeals Courts are split on whether or not a citizen who is arrested (and of course, presumed innocent until proven guilty) would be entitled to demand that their mug shots be removed from websites if they are later acquitted., in particular, offers a courtesy removal process in certain instances, although they vehemently protect these options as a mere courtesy, and not a legal requirement."

Michael J Robertson owns
Michael Robertson owns
Mike Robertson owns

Who owns Michael Robertson owns

Michael Robertson Linkedin profile:

Michael Robertson Founder & CEO,
Miami, Florida (Miami/Fort Lauderdale Area) Information Technology and Services
Current job: Founder & CEO at / CEO
July 2011 – Present (1 year 4 months)

"Within 18 months we were able to put together a team, buy a domain without a website, and turn it into a world's top 1, 000 website destination.

To make contact visit and contact via the website. For all Unpublishing inquiries contact or call [protected]."

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  • Fi
      Jan 19, 2014

    To Micheal J Robertson and the Government:

    You are both ### holes and liars. And post false information about people and also falsify arrest just to fraud innocent people. I feel for many thousands of innocent people that has been fraudulently affected by the 1st Amendment and the abuse of this law by Government officials themselves whom attack many innocent people and fraud them just to get a mugshot even if they did not commit the crime and then damage their lives for no reason. This law is abused when government officials and people like Micheal J Roberstson and the courts abuse the privacy and rights of many thousand of innocent victims that are falsely accused just to have a mugshot taken so that they can be abused and have their rights taken away. But freedom of speech is still their and we still have rights and the declaration of independence states that when government or people act out of discord towards others for no reason than those innocently attacked by these wrong doers are able to fight and have the right to do so. And for long as the declaration of independence stands I along with many innocent victims whom has been victimized by the miss use of the 1st Amendment rights can take a stand to put out websites like and and others like these sites. And go against the government legally to protect their rights and their privacy from these malicious sites that the government has allowed to give rights to take the privacy away from innocent victims. We can and we will fight against this illegal actions of the government and the miss use of the laws to abuse innocent people for no reason!

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  • Bl
      Apr 03, 2014

    The Wizard of Oz
    David Letterman had a 24 hour response time from time of reporting he was being blackmailed to time of arrest by the FBI.

    USA has collapsed online the government cowaries under DoS attacks (automated throttling) while Webmaster’s steal their data, emblems and badges to reuse on their website to set up their individual Domain Name Countries.Dorothy (US Citizen's) enters the Land of Oz (internet) a fantasy realm under the rule of one Monarch (DOC). Dorothy who is off to see the Wizard (Webmaster) on the yellow brick road (US Law) encounters the Scarecrow (DOJ) who if he only had a brain would know that offenders who steal, defame and slander pays the injured party (Reputation Repair) and not vice versa.

    Dorothy continues her journey she meets the Tin Men (FBI) who can not move or respond at all, “if they only had a heart.” All together skipping along they meet the Cowardly Lion (Legislative Branch) who is enacting laws to send Dorothy off to see the Wizard (Webmaster)...

    Federal, State and Local US Government charges fees for Public Records. Webmaster's DoS attack (automated throttling) and steal data from all levels of government to be used to extort US citizen's. The US government adds new victims daily and refuses to stop the extortionist and refuses to allow citizen's to buy their freedom from the US Government's repression.

    Bizarre Logic and Reasoning
    Bizarre logic and reasoning the documents are valid legal documents to show for proof of name and likeness, but become
    invalid to show proof of name and likeness for copyright or rights of publicity for the individual.

    Rhetorical Questions
    If kidnappers called the ransom amount the returning person fee would it bedazzle the system again? If the kidnappers rationalized their acts with the same logic would the system be mystified by them? Reasoning, they had to go through the hassle of kidnapping someone hence they are entitled to the returning person fee (Ransom Money).

    If blackmailers called the extortion amount the unpublish/reputation repair fee would it bedazzle the system? Further, if the blackmailers rationalized their acts with the same logic would the system by mystified be them? Reasoning, they had to go through the hassle of stealing government property, cyber stalking people, holding people to involuntary servitude (advertising revenue), blackmailing and extorting them and collecting an unlawful debt (RICO) hence they are entitled to an unpublish/reputation repair fee (Extortion Money).

    "Ex-con Rob Wiggen gets hate mail daily for running a website that hosts 4 million mugshots.

    "There will be a charge of $24.00 against your credit card for each name search performed, regardless of search results.
    4, 000, 000 x $24 = $96, 000, 000 Million

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  • Ke
      Aug 15, 2016

    What a country allowing this scam to continue!!! Who are the ### making money on this extortion? What are our Attorney Generals doing besides boosting their greedy careers?
    Everyone complicit in this disgrace of ruining peoples lives should have their mugshots posted and sent to jail.
    What a corrupt country biased to low-life lawyers, legislatures etc.. Money seems to be the only thing that !!!

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  • St
      May 25, 2018

    4 of the owners of have now been arrested on warrants out of the state of California charging them with extortion, money laundering and identity theft. Two are held in Florida jails waiting extradition, the third bailed out in Pennsylvania.

    The website as of 5/25/18 was still operating but had not updated since 5/19/2018.

    Local governments and agencies must stop the mining of these records.

    States need to enact legislation which requires these websites to remove an arrest record in which a person has been found not guilty or had their charges dropped free of charge. Preferably these records should not be allowed to publish until final disposition of the case.

    Credit card companies should not process their payments,

    The use of anonymous domain registration services needs to be halted. The legal and true name of the owner operator of a website must be published along with a valid physical address and phone number where they can be contacted.

    The name, address and contact information of the web hosting company must be readily identifiable on the registry so that one can contact them in the even of abuse.

    As for the webhosting company in the case of Amazon hosts the website. Jeff Bezos the richest man in the world owns Amazon and the Washington post. I find it ironic that the WP reported the arrests in their paper but never mentioned the fact that they provide the servers to Does Jeff Bezos need the money that passes along to him? No. Jeff Bezos is an enabler to people like those who own and operate Considering one of the charges is identity theft Amazon should immediately suspend the website and remove it from their servers.

    As for Mr Robertson who reportedly owns the website its rather funny that he has blurred his own photo at His profile should immediately be removed until photo is updated with his actual photo. COWARD!

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  • De
      Jun 01, 2018

    You have to be shocked by the appalling behavior of the registrar FABULOUS.COM as well (to whom is registered). It's not the first time sit idly by, while websites who use their services such as and chalk up victims and ignore complaints. Not least of which are the actions of websites which contrary to's own terms and conditions!!!

    Ask to investigate, pass on a message of complaint to the owners of an offending website, or take down a website that they make $ from - and you will be ignored . You will received the response "we will take no action without a court order", even if the victims count in the THOUSANDS. is now owned by Direct Nic.

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  • De
      Jun 01, 2018

    Could this be the same Micheal Robertson?

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