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Muesing Management / excessive fees

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Contact information:
Muesing Management
5410 Emerson Way #1
Phone: (317) 255-7368
I received a notice on my door indicating a bag of trash had been found inside one of the new dumpster fences with my address inside. It also indicated that a charge of $75.00 would be levied and referred to a newsletter dated August of 2008. I would have thought a note saying “Mr. Ingersoll, we found a bag of your trash on the ground inside the fence of our new dumpster…please be more careful in the future.” would have been more appropriate but instead I get and aggressively worded letter, saying the February rent won’t be accepted unless the $75.00 is included.


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D  1st of Apr, 2009 by 
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Usually the residents that are the biggest offenders and rule-breakers complain the most and leave comments like this one. Rules are enforced by management which makes the community a nicer place to live. Take comments like this one with a grain of salt.
A  6th of Nov, 2014 by 
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The response from Nancy Harvey so untrue. I totally believe what the tenant stated. This company constantly finds loop holes to stick tenants with fees. It's how they are able to survive. The letters they send out are not usually polite. They leave notes outside your door where anyone can read them. They can't even afford to buy stamps. Any time you take an issue to them they give attitude. They act like they can't be bothered. They are extremely passive aggressive. I would encourage people to not rent from any of the communities owned by Muesing Management. They are less expensive than other places, but you get what you pay for...white trash and ghetto...not so much talking about the tenants but the people in the offices are trashy and rude. They wear blue jeans or shorts to work. They can't even smile. They just act like they can't be bothered. They are completely incompetent and don't even seem like they have degrees. They look and act like they should be working at Walmart.
A  31st of May, 2015 by 
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I have to disagree with Nancy. I don't think Doug is the culprit here. I wouldn't call him or myself a rule breaker. I live on a Muesing Management property "Greenwood Oaks Townhomes" and we only have one dumpster for the whole community. Every week it is overflowing with trash. It smells and is an unpleasant sight. I took a trash bag out last night and with trash hanging out the sides of the dumpster as well as the top where else am I supposed to place my trash? I'm not going to pile up trash in my home until the dumpster is emptied. I'm going to set it outside the dumpster on the ground and go on with my day. It is where trash is supposed to be deposited. Not my problem this management company doesn't have more than ONE dumpster or can't get it emptied on a regular enough basis.

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