Muddy Creek Supply / Dangerous pet store

1 United States

BEWARE> do not purchase anything from this pet store. This store sold me a bearded dragon.Unfortunately, I did not look up baby dragons on the internet, or call anyone. I took the word of the staff of Muddy Creek Supply.They sold me sand with calcium, and told me it "was the best substrate", and was "healthy for my baby lizard. After about 3-4 days, the pet became lethargic, and was not eating or drinking. I contacted several different pet stores, that all told me NEVER, EVER use sand in the tank of baby lizards. It causes severe constipation, and binds up their bowels. MY PET DIED because of the erroneous information that the colleagues of this pet store provided. I notified 2 reptile specialists, which concurred with the fact of NEVER using sand. I contacted the pet store to encourage the owner to educate his staff with additional training. He basically told me that I was incorrect, and had an "oh well" attitude.If this is the actions of the owner, well come to your own conclusions..


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