MTNL BroadbandUnreliable connection and Frequent Disconnects

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Due to the non availability of proper and cost effective broadband connections in my suburb in Mumbai (Mulund), I eventually had to go with MTNL broadband connection. I was informed by many that MTNL is good but I am sorry to say that MTNL is not even satisfactory.

The main user of the connection is my dad and he won't easily understand the reliability of the connection. He would just try and refresh pages 3-4 times and then give up. I recently moved to my home and am using the same connection since last 10 days. I have configured the same connection on atleast 2 more devices other than my dad's laptop. These device include my personal desktop and my work laptop. I connect only using the LAN cables provided by MTNL and do not connect more than one device at a time. I am finding the connection to be very very unreliable. It disconnects so frequently that I surf less and press the refresh button more. This unreliability problem reached its tipping point when MTNL had changed the DNS servers from their side without informing customers. I tried to connect one whole day and I only got disappointed all the time. I called up the broadband customer care on 1504 and was informed about some new DNS servers. I entered the same and was still not able to get through the connection. I called 1504 again and asked for personal help. The engineer arrived my location 2 days after that and he entered a totally new set of DNS servers. The connection started working fine then.

The day after, I got connected but the connection was so unreliable. Due to this unreliable connection, I failed 6 credit card transactions in last 10 days. Out of these 2 transactions were double paid and now I have to call up my credit card company to help me out. Also, I lost cheaper air tickets and better seats in a theater as when I was trying to book the tickets online, the connection broke about 20-30 times !! This caused me to pay higher for my travel tickets and also compromise on seats even after paying the same amount !!

This is just a summary of mishaps in last 10 days while I used MTNL broadband. I don't think that MTNL is even working towards this, because, my dad informed me that he also faced same issues since last 3 months !!! I am really hurt and upset with what our government is providing us as service.

I am sorry to say, but MTNL sucks !!!

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