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MTN / mtn &15& competition

1 South Africa Review updated:

The new "37187 MTN" competition is so not a good competition. In fact it draws all your money out with the seducing continuous sms's.Yesterday I tried to increase my chances of winning by playing the competition with an airtime of over R450.According to MTN this does not even guarantee your winning ticket. You will always be told that someone else won the competition and you should try again. It seems to me that this competition is only designed for the rich.Literaly it says that lets see who can send more sms’s for R7.5 each and he/she will be the winner. In other terms a person who cannot even afford four sms’s for a total of R30 is not legible for this completion. It is only if you willing to spend R1000 or more that you might win. This competition is not fair because it only targets a certain group that can afford it. We are not even convinced that the winners do exist for real. Why don’t they even show us that the winner won by how many sms`s or points. This competition is a public skelm.I would like to warn every MTN customer to not indulge to this competition.

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  • Pe
      20th of May, 2009
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    I would like to coment as well about the mtn 15 competition.they said i won a ring tone but i strugle to download it.when i contact call center.i was promised to be helped or the system is ofline.please make this competion afordable or we will take further steps if its a skam.


  • Du
      21st of May, 2009
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    I am presently at 24890 points but have not won even a pin.How many more points must I amass to win. Yesterday I was always told how close I was to winning the mini pc but my god goalposts were shifted until this morning. Come on MTN this is 2009 be transparent and let your customers know better about this competition.

  • Sa
      23rd of May, 2009
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    HI, Ek het my sms's begin ontvang op die 16.5.2009 omstreeks 12hoo pm. Ek het begin met my sms's. Elke keer word ek verseker dat ek so na aan die mini pc. is om te wen, maar ek moenie opgee nie, want daar is nog die motor plus die huis om te wen...Ek kan dit nie bekostig nie maar alles lyk so goed... Vandag, Saterdag het ek my man eers gestuur vir AIR TIME, EN TOE MY DOGTER, EK HET OOR DIE R320.00 gespandeer vandag en my punte telling staan op 28, 340. Niks weer van MTN gehoor nie want my AIR TIME is gedaan. Hulle weet presies hoeveel jy op jou cellphone het!!! EK IS BITTER ONTEVREDE, WANT EK GEBRUIK HULLE DIENS OP MY CELLPHONE EN OP DIE INTERNET.
    CELL NO. 0735093046

  • Fa
      25th of May, 2009
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    If at any point MTN should have any competition that involves any financial impact on there clients, it should not be sent via sms to reply or sms to number and there is an emmediate deduction.
    I think there should be an sms to indicate the customer should go visit the site, register an agreement on the site and then sms. Cellphone companies get away with the making money without proper consultation and understanding to the consumer. It has become such an environment of no control that even financial companies are looking at ways of funding loans via SMS verification. This ignores the NLR and NFRC regulations upfront and these institution accept the slap on the wrist as that is all the punishment that is given.What is sad we cannot live without communication, however we can live without fraud and being pray to fraudsters. Cellphone companies whould take responsibility for these type

  • Fe
      4th of Jun, 2009
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  • Fa
      8th of Jun, 2009
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    So the National Lotteries Board is now investigating whether MTN is running an illegal lottery.What is under investigation is how the winner is determined.If it is done through a draw or by chance, then it is an illegal lottery.Yeah right!!! If only it was a game of chance or a lucky draw.MTN has made sure that this, ”competition”, is, ”skills based”. The best capitalistic, money grabbing game ever.Spend as much as you like to improve your chances of winning .They have run this competition for 5 weeks now and your points keep accumulating, but they are still advertising that if you enter now, you can start winning.There is no way that new contestants could catch up with people who’ve spent, I mean played, from the beginning.Some of them have earned in excess of 2 million points and spent over R30 000!!!. I can tell you that their abundance or lack of general knowledge, have very little to do with their points standing.Their bank balance have everything to do with it.There are whales who are creaming this competition.Of the 6 people who’ve each won the SUV( their names are all available on the MTN website), all 6 of them have also won a laptop respectively. They have accumulated so many points and spent so much money that they will always stay in the lead and most likely win again.(The milllion rand house bond).Oh I wish it WAS more like a MTN user lottery then at least I would stand a minuscule, far out, zither of a chance.Emphasis being on, ”chance”, but with this competition I stood no chance at all unless of course I had R40 000 to burn.Great idea to let winners win again, thus keeping them in the game and assuring that they keep spending their money.I sent over 400 sms’s and amassed 351230 points which is small fries in this competition but it cost me over R3000.I'm on, "Pay as you go nuts", so I don't owe MTN anything, but what about the poor soul who's been playing on contract and who maybe can't afford to pay up? Yes it's easy to say that you are responsible for your own actions, but with MTN's messages telling you that, "You are in the lead", "You are our best player", "Very few reach this level", and my favourite, "You are the lord of the game", it's easy to lose focus and be seduced into playing more and more.

    MTN taking your money, everywhere you go.
    Doo do doo do do do doo!!! Kaching!!!
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY MTN!!!…I really mean that.


  • Ki
      9th of Jun, 2009
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    Just my 5 cents here - I have so far won a laptop, cell phone and a Toyota fortuner in this competition and I feel that if you are not prepared to play hard and spend some money in the process, then you should not enter the competition in the first place. The problem is not that you don't win; it is that you are not prepared to compete with everyone else for the prizes. It took me three weeks to win the car and I did spend quite a bit of money in the process, but i feel that it is worth it if I take the value of the car and compare it to what I paid in sms' to win it (I am not a wealthy person by any means in case you are thinking that). I set myself a Rand limit and I played within that limit and it paid off!

    I do feel that the sms' could have been a bit less costly (R 2.50 is a good number) but your results will be the same because many people are competing in the competition and a lot of contestants will only stop when they are ranked no. 1 - this is the main reason for the costs being so high in my opinion.

  • Fa
      9th of Jun, 2009
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    Hello Killjoy

    Firstly, I would like to congratulate you on winning those lovely prizes. My R3500 was spent in the first week of the competition.My daily limit was R500 and I played like a trooper.Did all the bonus points questions .One night I raked in over 110 000 points and by Sunday I had 351 230 points.I felt good.I received a wake up call the following Monday when the MTN operator told me that the Fortuner winner sent in over 2500 sms’s and spent almost R20 000.Wow this competition was certainly too rich for my blood.The competition is flawed in many aspects.They could have put measures in place to level the playing field giving the less fortunate, or shall I say Fortuner, a sporting chance.They could have given you one free sms for answering 5 questions correct in a row.They could have given extra points for answering swiftly.
    They could have made the sms’s cost less the more sms’s you send in.Say after your first 100 sms’s you start to pay maybe R5.Or they should have pegged the daily limit to 100 because then the competition would really be about who knows the answers.Don’t you think that a possible R750 per player per day would be enough for MTN”s coffers? Nobody from MTN has come back to me about the money I lost because of all the dodgy questions with incorrect answers. Maldives is a tropical country and not Hawaii!!! And neither a lion nor a rhino appears on a R100 note.
    Anyway I hope you can understand my point of view and I am truly happy that you won.In the back of my mind I’m hoping that you are not an MTN employer.Ha! ha! ha! As they say in the movies, ”Your gamble paid off”.I think that sums it up nicely.


    P.S. Do you know how that car is haunting me? Everywhere I go, all I see is Toyota Fortuner, Toyota Fortuner, Toyota Fortuner .It is certainly a lovely car. Oh if only!!!

  • Ki
      10th of Jun, 2009
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    Thanks Faried, I see your point of view and agree that it expensive to compete in this competition to win something. The thing is that some people are more competitive then others, which make the competition expensive as the one person is hell bent on beating the other to win so that person raises the bar for the next person and so on. You can only win any of the prizes once; after you have won they take your name off the list for that prize. This is definitely a game of skill, stamina and calculated risk for anyone wanting to win the prizes.

    I think that the first person who won the car was the luckiest as he/she spent the least amount of money & time to win it. It's a case of "the early bird catches the worm", i guess!

  • Ko
      29th of Jun, 2009
    0 Votes

    I think it is a complete scam my wife played for one week neerly 24 hours the points I have is a masive lot and I played from the beginning and it looks to me if you know sombody by MTN your chance is very good. Why I say that I could have put down a very good deposit on a new car.My points at this moment is 115000000.

  • An
      6th of Jul, 2009
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    Face it guys. This competition is only for the rich. I've spent a week and spent roughly R3000. I know low income earners that 'THOUGHT' that if they entered with one sms, that they where likely to have a CHANCE of winning. But this was not the case for them.

    As for me, i felt that i am getting closer to winning each time I received an SMS saying that i was closer to winning. WHAT A SCAM.

    At the cost of your subscribers.

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