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I purchased this product in November and tried to use it only to find that it had serial number problems. I emailed them and they eventually got the problem fixed. I got the software to come up, but had a user id/password problem - I didn't enter one because I couldn't get past the serial number thing but it insisted that I needed one. I got that straightened out then left for a month. Upon return I tried to use the software to enter my 2009 items, but the serial number thing came up again. I finally got that straightened out and then I was back to the password/userid problem. I asked for my money back and they said it was past 60 days and they would not refund me. So, I'm stuck with this dog and tried to make it work again. Same problem, yesterday I bring it up, enter the correct user id/password and it tells me that is incorrect. It then opens up so I entered my transactions (2 hours worth of work) and closed the app. Today I bring it up and none of the transactions are there. So I have again emailed asking for my money back. Even when you can enter transactions, it is tedious and backward. Totally not worth the money.


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