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Job Scam

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Contact information:
Transam Associates, Inc.
3433 Lithia-Pinecrest Rd. Ste. 303
Valrico, Florida
United States
Phone: Tel: 813-681-4610 or 813-657-4130
So, I, like most of you, found this "job offer" on Yahoo Hot Jobs. I fell for it at first, hoping to actually get this job, as I'm going to school. I passed their sample they wanted me to transcribe, no problem. I was told I had a gauranteed job with them and to go to their live chat to conduct an interview. And, this was all in the last few days! Before my chat interview, I did my research 'cause they wanted $60 for books, but I was thinking, what about the software they told me I need?? I'm sure they're going to want me to pay for that. So like I said, I googled them, and found that 100% of people talking about this on the net gave negative response and a ton of complaints over the past few YEARS!!! I cannot believe they haven't been dealt with by Internet Crime Protection Agencies.. Well, I went to: "http://www.ic3.gov/complaint/default.aspx" to fiel a report about this scam to the FBI's IC3 (Internet Crime). I suggest you do the same. The more people who turn these people in, the better chance they have at getting shut down. KEEP ALL CONVERSATIONS BETWEEN YOU AND THEM FOR THE FBI!

Below is my chat conversation with them. I had to tell them off. These people disgust me. They prey on the jobless and weak.

You are now chatting with 'Recruiter'
Recruiter: Hello! Thank you for contacting Transam's Live Support. How may I help you today?

Matt: Hello, just wrapping up at work.
Matt: I was told to come back at 9pm EST.
Matt: I couldn't make my 8:30 EST interview because of work.

Recruiter: I'd be happy to talk with you about the job interview with our company.
Recruiter: Where are you in the application process? Did you transcribe a sample for us yet? And if so, have you heard back from the company?

Matt: Yes, I have transcribed the sample, and yes I was told to come talk to the recruiter so I could start training.

Recruiter: Great
Recruiter: This is your job interview. This is a guaranteed job!
If you qualify, you work for and get paid by us.

This is hard work. Did you go to school for medical transcription?
What working experience have you had?
Tell me a little bit about your background.

Matt: No, I haven't gone to school for medical transcription. I've had lots of jobs; Well Drilling, Radio Shack, Fire Fighter Catering and working at a tax office.

Recruiter: We will train you and bring you up to speed to the way we transcribe. We assign you your own personal trainer to do that. The trainer designs a program specifically for you. Based on your background, experience, and previous training. That way you don't have to repeat what you already know. Here's the guarantee: as soon as you are accurate in your transcription we move you over to 'live' work and you start getting paid right away by us. We pick up all the cost for training, your only investment is in the software itself.

Matt: More jobs as well, but these were ones I benefitted most from.

Recruiter: The MT Professional is the total communication link between you and us. That's how you receive your work. That's how you send your work back to us. And that's how you talk to your personal trainer 'live' right in the program.

MT Professional utilizes state-of-the-art techniques to ensure patient confidentiality and to keep all of the transactions and operations in accordance with the HIPAA regulations and guidelines.

Let me briefly explain how this whole process works and then I will answer your questions.
- The special software is the MT Professional..
- It's $495 and you will need that for both the training and for the actual 'paid live' work.
- Are you in the position financially to purchase the software at this time?

Matt: And the books?
Matt: Didn't I hear something about those are $60?
Matt: Does that $495 include the books?

Recruiter: The tuition FREE courses included in the training program are medical terminology and grammar. Your trainer will recommend whether you could benefit from these courses. We recommend used books which generally run from $15 to $30 per book.

Matt: Oh, and how many people have gotten to the stage where they're accurate enough to move on from the training program? 1..? 2...? None?
Matt: Anyways, No, I'm not financially in a position to shell out $500 to work..

Recruiter: We have over 200 transcriptionists and are hiring more each day. That's why we are recruiting right now
Recruiter: That's okay.
Recruiter: We DO NOT expect you to have ALL the money right now. We will work with you.

The good news is that you can start your training today.
Recruiter: You may be wondering if we are a credible organization. Is this for real?

We are with the Chamber -- .and we are not just members of the Chamber of Commerce --- we are on the board of directors too. You can email the Chamber of Commerce.

Chamber Email: info@seffnerchamber.com
You can also know that the state of Florida has 'certified' Transam Associates as a valid legitimate corporation.
Go to the Secretary of State for reassurance at this web site:
http://sunbiz.org/corinam.html and search for Transam Associates
We are listed with the Better Business Bureau and we are celebrating our 11th year in business. You are in good hands with us. We have over 200 transcriptionists all over the country. From Hawaii, Alaska, Canada and sprinkled all across the USA.
You are in good hands with us.

Recruiter: We want you to start this month. This limited opportunity of tuition FREE training has been extended to 5:00 pm. EST on April 18, 2010...
- I don't want you to miss out on this opportunity. If you take advantage of this and sign up this month you won't miss out...
- We need you to start in the next week or so...
- Let me see what I can do.
- Hold on...

Recruiter: There are payment plans! You pay $260 and you can download the software and start today. The balance can be paid later ... at your convenience.

The balance can be paid in the next month or two..hopefully as soon as possible.
We will send you a reminder!

Click on this link and take a look:

Matt: Really? That's interesting..
Matt: You know, I did my research on you guys..

Recruiter: Great

Matt: Did you know that you have a100% complaint raiting against you?

Recruiter: Really. Would you like to hear our side?

Matt: Sure.

Recruiter: http://www.transamassociates.com/transam-scam/

Matt: Wow, looks like you are well prepared for those questions.
Matt: A lot like the stuff I've seen on the net.

Recruiter: We've heard it before

Matt: Most of what you're saying to me, I've seen on complaint websites all over.

Recruiter: People are so ready to spread negative

Matt: Yes, I agree.
Matt: But then why do I have to pay to work?
Matt: Why do you not cover it if I'm going to be working for YOU?
Matt: This, I do not understand.

Recruiter: There are two types of job status: employee and contractor.

There are many benefits in being a contractor. For example: you are able to deduct any expenses related to the job from your taxes. As an employee you are not able to deduct any business expenses from your taxes.

As a contractor you are required to purchase your own equipment. Almost all work at home jobs are contractor status. That’s why just about every work at home job you find on the internet requires you to pay money upfront.

Matt: You know, that is the Red Flag #1 about looking for work, online.

Recruiter: Please review all of the information we have provided you, only you can decide if this opportunity is right for you. While working for Transam, you will be an Independent Contractor. As a contractor you are required to purchase your own equipment. Almost all work at home jobs are contractor status.
Recruiter: Timing is everything. This is a great opportunity to work at home. Please, stay in touch and contact us again when you are able to get the software. Then come here to live chat and we will get you started the same day.
Recruiter: Please come to live chat for further assistance, we are here Monday thru Saturday from 9:00 am-5 pm and Monday thru Sunday 8-10 pm Eastern Time .
Recruiter: http://www.transamassociates.com/

Matt: If it were more legit, I'd consider it further.
Matt: But since I see no software besides what you tell me I'm getting, I don't trust it.

Recruiter: We are a Medical Transcription company. We have been in business since 1997. We train and hire our own transcriptionists. We don’t require the 2 – 3 years experience as most companies do. We have over 200 transcriptionists working with us on contracts we have with doctors all over the United States.

Matt: So, is this Linda Loehr, or Alan Loehr...? You know, it's insulting that you would ask someone in search of work for payment. Are you so dim that you don't realize that this is Red Flag #1, as they say...? Do you not think that someone would do some research about your company?? Well, I did my research. And your "company" isn't very reputable among the internet. I have found a multitude of sites full of complaints about your "business, " stating that no one EVER graduates from your training. You ALWAYS find something wrong about them, no matter how good they do. You cheat them out of their money, and it's disgusting. I gotta give it to you, it's pretty full-proof, as you can say, until judgement day, that they haven't gotten through the training program. You two (and possibly more) are completely cruel to be preying on the unemployed, honest people of America. I am shocked you haven't been taken care of by the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3), but you should know, I have added everything that has been between you and I, into the repertoire of complaints on their site. You know, I can't believe I was looking forward to this. This would have helped me out immensely while going to school. You people are a disgrace to humanity. I pray you get the karma you deserve. Goodbye.

Recruiter: Did you write that?
Recruiter: It isn't signed so I have no idea who its from
Matt: Have you seen it before?

Matt: Yes, I just wrote that.
Matt: Good luck preying on the less-fortunate.

Recruiter: I wish you luck in your future as well Matthew

...And that was it, they terminated the chat right away after that. I'm going to be honest, I'm a little worried 'cause I've given them my full name and phone number and they have my email address. That last line of the chat, there, just kind of resonated with me. But I hope this helps anyone else dealing with these problems. Don't be fooled by these creeps!
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A  5th of Aug, 2010 by    0 Votes

My name is Alan Sperling and I just like you found out about this TransAmAssociates.com regarding the medical transcriber position. Except when I went to the live chat(yea right) they told me the exact same thing, word for word. I asked them how can they want up front money, if I am working for them they should supply the software free of charge. They told me it was special software called MT Professional. I asked them do I get a DVD with the info, their answer was no you down load it. I asked them since I can get software for free from different companies, if I can get it from Microsoft. They said it is not a Microsoft application. I told them it has to have some sort of Operating system software. I then asked them if it was Linux based, Mac Based or Microsoft based, they did not tell me. I reported them to the Federal Trade Commission, but they never got back to me. So this country and all of the federal government agencies including the FBI, US Chamber of Commerce and the Federal Trade Commission really do not care. There are so many scam artists on the internet who are looking to prey on others who are not working and figure that if you send your resume through the internet, which is the way most companies and businesses want it that way, these [censor] see it and offer you a terrific job offer that is virtually non existent. They want your credit card number plus there are job search engines like Ihire.com or JobFox.com and others want a fee for trying to get you a job, but do not guarantee you a job and it is the exact same companies that are posted. So I did report this company a while back and obviously the government does not care, besides Matt look at how this country is now working, not for the people like us but for the scam artists and the very rich. It is the old saying money talks and BS walks. I just told this company TransAMAssociates.com to stop what they are doing and stop with the lies and be up front and honest. I blame our politicians to allow this to keep going on and on, especially when they have too many complaints about one company you would think they would check into it, but they don't and they look at the person who is filing the complaint as annoying and just brush you and really never get back to you. I hope this also helps with this issue.

Sincerely Yours,

Alan Sperling
A  12th of Aug, 2010 by    0 Votes
Hey Matt,

totally just had the same damn thing happen. I was pretty thrilled about this job in the beginning. Sounded easy enough. After the "live person" came on I told her no way could I afford 500 dollars for the software. and asked if i would purchase it somewhere else. She told me no one else sells it. So I googled the software, turns out its pretty popular. I came across your page while doing this. already being skeptical I started asking the person questions about talking to a person on the phone about this "job". She told me its all online and there is no cooperate office. haha. So i copy and pasted your page to the person and was like if you can tell me what this page is about i'll be more than happy to purchase your program. She posted some bs about how they are open from such n such time and then terminated our chat convo. I don't think I would have actually went through with it but I'm really glad I saw your page because then I for sure knew it was a scam. I am really worried about them having my information though.

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