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Mt Ayliff Police Station / Theft and fraud

South Africa
On 31 July 2008 my Nanny was going home to Mt Ayliff former Transkei area. On 09/08/2008 Saturday I noticed that some of my clothes were stolen in my house in Grahamstown, I went to Grahamstown Police Station they tried to get whereabouts of that particular person who stole my clothes unfortunately that never worked and they suggested that the Mt Ayliff Cops should try and help as they were the nearest to the suspect. I phoned MT Ayliff police station in the morning on Sunday. First of all I didn't get direction from them they kept on saying give us your Tel no so that we can phone you and tell you what you can do. I kept on phoning I asked one of them if it's possible that if can send someone who is staying in Mt Ayliff area to report the case as I am staying far away in Grahamstown so that I can make arrangements to go down to Mt Ayliff during the week "Ok sisi leave your no I will phone you and tell you if its possible" that was their response up until I imagined to talk to another guy Mr Banjwa I complained to him that I am not familiar with their rules and their job description he must tell me if its possible to send someone to them and then I even told him that since morning I have been trying to get some help and he said I must phone 112 of course I called that no I asked them to put me through to Mt Ayliff Police Station and I must be honest with you by then I was already angry. I left Grahamstown at 11h15 to Mt Ayliff and I arrived there after 18h30 on Sunday 10/08/2008 and asked the police guys that were there if can see Mr Banjwa and then they said he is gone out to attend another case and then I asked them if they can help me, they said I must wait for Mr Banjwa and I explained to them why I was there and even mentioned that the ladies that were answering the phone they were not willing to assist me and then I said to them guys let me not be fooled by you as Cops I need my stuff from that lady. They said " you have an attitude towards us we are not going to help you go back to Grahamstown and someone who was going with me intervened up until they said ok we will help you. Mr Ngwandla was one of the guys that we went with to the suspects house on the way they asked me to be voilent/ harsh to the suspect and when we arrived there I did what I was told by them. It was at night when we arrived there and we find her asleep and they asked her about my stuff she didn't denie that she stole my clothes and she gave me but funny enough she was taking my clothes from another house/room I kept on asking her where's another one " OK I will go and fetch it" I thought they were going to ask her a place where she keeps her clothes rather than waiting for her to bring them one by one. Unfortunately for me Mr Ngwandla was her homeboy and Ngwandla's colleague was suspects cousin and I asked them guys why a you leaving "accused" behind they said something that was meaning less to me because I didn't get some of my stuff. When we arrived back to Mt Ayliff Police Station Inspector Mbhalo was there he asked them the same question that I asked " where's the suspect why did you leave her behind because now she is aware that she committed a crime what if she runs away please make arrangements for tomorrow morning to go and fetch her they said we will go Inspector. On Tuesday 12/08/2008 I went to Grahamstown Police Station to check if they have heard any thing from them, they phoned Mt Ayliif Police Station and they said no, we have not yet arrested her and the case was not even registered by them. Inorder to be helped by Cops do we need to have relatives within our police stations. Contact details [protected].

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