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WOW! Watch out for this company! I hired them with great expectations because of their clever sales tactics. They really seemed to know their stuff and I was excited about all the promises like..."all covered surfaces will be hand-scrubbed with tri-sodium phosphate solution...and...thorough handscraping of loose and failing paint...and...all horizontal surfaces will be DOUBLE oil primed...and the list went on and on promising thorough use of caulk etc etc. The salseman walked around the house with me pointing out every flaw and making claims about what they would do that completely sold me.

The reality of the job was a complete 360. First of all, they sent a team that had "very little" outside painting experience as I learned later (it seemed to me they had never painted before). After they finished about 1/2 the house (very sloppy job with no prep) I was feeling a sense of dread. I investigated their primer, no caulk, no tri-sodium phophate solution. When confronted they admitted that none of it had been done. Through the remainder of the job I had to have almost daily meetings with the owner of the company to prevent a total disaster. And despite the meetings, things continued to go wrong almost daily.

We had also contracted with MSI for some deck and replacement woodwork and had to cancel all woodwork after the sub-contractor they provided built a trellis that was completely uneven. The sub-contractor's suggested solution to the crooked trellis: "sure it was a little crooked, but we should just live with it. It wouldn't bother him if it was at his house" Only with incredible pressure, were they rebuilt to be square.

The job that was supposed to take a few weeks dragged on for an interminable 2 months (partly due to weather but also because of the need for the second team). A second team needed to be brought in to try to fix and undo what had been done. For much of the house, it was too late, 1/2 of it was painted with no washing!

Because of the poor quality of their work, and the miriad of problems we had, the owner promised me a discount on the job. I wasted So much of my time and effort to keep them minimally on track.

When I received the final bill (which he refused to itemize despite my voice and email requests), the owner charged the full price of the contract. And you guessed it, NO DISCOUNT!

Initially, I refused to pay for the things that were not done and insisted on the discount that was promised. The owner's response: he refused to take my calls, reneged on the discount and started the process to file a lien on my home. Unless I paid the full amount of the contract, they also threatened to slap me with interest and legal fees. When I emailed and phoned the salesman and company owner for a chance to please go over the item by item charges, they refused. The cost of fighting the lien would have been far more than the over charging so I had no choice but to pay for services that were not provided (including full charges for hand washing). They also canceled any warantee on their work as part of the lien threat. NICE! I can only guess that they assume the paint job will not last and do not want to take responsibility for standing by their work.

This was, hands down, the worst experience I have ever had with a service company. I've done many renovation projects on my house and built a 7000 sq/ft office from the ground up. I've worked with MANY contractors and I can say without reservation to avoid this one!

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