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MSEB Thane / Wrong Electricity Bill

1 India

Dear Sir/Mam,

We stay at Kashish Park, Thane and the home i live in is in the name of
my mother Geeta Umakant Panchal, The electricity bill comes in the name of Mr. Prakash Dalvi, who is our previous owner.The problem we are facing is that, after our possesion of the flat in 2006, we found out
that our meter was faulty as it was giving a much lower reading for our electricity usage.We complained
to MSEB Thane & the meter was changed by them to a new one which gave appropriate readings.
Now suddenly in November2010, we get a bill of the Rs.5000/- even after paying the bills regularly every month. Till Oct, 2010 we used to get a bill of around Rs600-700. When we went to MSEB Thane, with this bill for complaining, we were given the following reasons.

1. Our meter has been changed in Feb2010, because we were charged Rs.600-700 when we should be charged a bill of Rs.[protected]. The amount of Rs.5000/- is the total of the differences in the bills up to
November, 2010

2. The meter can be changed anytime they want to.

3. We are getting such big amount because AC in our house.

My complaint here is,
1. If the meter has been changed in Feb, 2010 then why are we charged all the amount in November, 2010.
What were the MSEB officials doing all this month?

2. The bill that MSEB charges should depend upon the actual usage of the electricity & not upon the judgement of the MSEB officials.

3. Although we have AC we didn't use it in Monsoons's, Also we are working people & most of the times we
are not in our home.We try to save electricity by switching off Ac, fridges, Tv when not in Use

4.If the meter is installed by MSEB in 2007, then how did it turn faulty, this time the MSEB is also at fault for installing a faulty meter.

5. If such things continue, MSEB will keep changing meter anytime without prior notice & harrass the consumers by charging higher bills. How can a person who earns a salary of Rs10, 000 per month afford to pay such bills.

6. Why did the MSEB charge us wrong bills from Feb, 2010 to Oct, 2010 even after a meter change?Why it didn't keep a check on the bill amounts all this month? Whose fault is it?

7. Why didn't the MSEB communicate the meter change in writing to the consumer?

8. The MSEB officials are also talking very rudely to my mother

My mother is harrased this time & i need help as the MSEB officials have done mistakes & they
are troubling the consumers for their mistakes. I also need assurance from the MSEB that they have installed a meter that gives actual readings & that it will not be changed in future considering it as faulty.

Also the government urges us to save electricity & if do so we are told by MSEB that just because we have
AC in our home we are supposed to get a higher bill & not a bill of lower amount.Is the MSEB charging people on the basis of their judgement of the bill people should be getting or on the basis of the reading the meter is showing.

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