Mscy's / BEWARE,,,,,,,,,MACY'S VISA HOLDERS!!!

Macy's customers don't realize when they are given a Macy's Visa card which has a much lower APR that their regular Macy card account is stlll open at 22.9% APR. When purschases are made at Macy's stores or Macy's online using Macy's Visa card the purschase is place on their regular Macy's card with the 22.9% APR. The purschases made at other stores goes on the Macy's Visa card with the lower APR. When you send your payment in that goes on the Macy's Visa card while your regular Macy's card is accumlating interest at the higher APR. Allot of customers are finding this our when it goes to collection thinking they have paid off their Macy's Visa not knowing that they still have a regular Macy's card account open. Macy's reps will tell you that your payments only went towards your Macy's Visa card with the lower APR and it's your responsiblity to indicate which card the payment should have gone towards. Happy New Year!!! :--) Macy's Collection Agent


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