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Ms Sorbie / rude and unprofessional behaviour from airport security at CDG terminal 1

1 London, Ireland

I was passing through airport security jsut befor reaching gate 11 in terminal 1 in CDG airport in Paris last night ( 15th march 09) to fly back to Dublin.
I was waiting for my bag to be scanned and to my horror i witnessed what i can only call an incredible humilliating experience for a fellow passenger.
A chinese man was having his bag searched and one out of three guys in charge of bag security found a pair of pink fluffy hand cuffs in his carry on luggage. The gentleman was clearly embarassed due to the fact that the so called security man was calling over to his friend who was supposed to be watching the security screen and in the loudest possible voice burst out in pubesent laughter and made fun of the passengers belongings which was drawing more attention to him now from other passengers.
By this point all three security men were laughing and joking and then followed on by finding a vibrator and this was when the whole scene made me so enraged i tried to make a complaint to a supervisor but everyone claimed they did not speak english and i was just laughed at.
So the joke continued and the passenger wanted to fall through the floor and be allowed to just leave, but they continued to just make french remarks and acted in a totally unproffessional manner.
I expect this job possition to be taken seriously due to the severety of the times we live in and i saw no such behaviour, only a bunch of imature idiots who were having the time of their life on a passengers expence.
If i were in charge i would of given them a written warning, if they were not fired on the spot.
They held up all passengers who were waiting for their bags to be checked because they were still too busy laughing and filling in the story to the other workers.
I expect this to be taken into concideration and i do expect your airport to think heavily about who they employ to run these serious possitions.
I have read many other complaints and see that you have a massive poblem with the poeple you employ.
I will be taking this further
Many thanks
Ms Sorbie

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