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Ms. America Pageant / Pageant Scamp

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On Sunday, September 6, 2009, sixteen contestants competed for the chance to become Ms. America 2009. Besides being judged on their overall presence, the ladies competed in a lifestyle and fitness in sportswear competition, interview, evening wear competition and on-stage question. The event was hosted by Ms. Susan Jeske; emcee by the former Miss California USA Alisa Kimble and evaluated by a panel of un-known judges. The winner of this pageant was Ms. Bridget Cleary, from the state of Massachusetts. The runners up are: Christy Van Der Westhuizen-1st runner up; Catherine Blades-2nd runner up; Daphne Rice-3rd runner up and Heidi Ritz-4th runner up. Contestants are well-prepared because the on-stage questions are giving one day before the pageant. However, the outcome of this pageant was kina surprising. The previous queen, Ms. Jane P Smith did not show up to crown her new queen. According to Ms. Jeske, Jane has a family emergency. The emcee, Alisa Kimble crowned the new queen which makes this pageant look funny. In addition, I did not see any facial expression on Bridget face and it seems to me that Bridget knows that she will be crown that day. No surprise at all. Usually when the winner is announcing, either she will cry or show some surprise expression because she win but in this case, it was totally different. Anyway, from my observing plus there are so many negative though about this pageant, I believe that this pageant is fix and I think that the organization should be shame for themselves for taking money from these innocent ladies.

Ms. America Pageant

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      7th of Oct, 2009
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    This is Susan Jeske, President of the Ms. America Pageant. Because of the false accusations & lies on the various message boards, I find I must defend the reputation of the pageant, myself & many people including the contestants, titleholder, volunteers & sponsors.

    Unfortunately in the “spirit of competition” there was a Contestant that when she legitimately did not win instead of gracefully accepting defeat & possibly growing from the experience, her only retort was to put blame on someone.

    By reading all the postings one can tell that the negative ones are coming from the same person. The same misspelled words are seen over & over in different messages such as scamp instead of scam, kina instead of kind of, fix instead of fixed, joint instead of join, effort instead of efford. She even went so far as to post different notices on various complaint boards under fake names/email addresses or making it seem like it is coming from different Contestants who competed in the pageant such as Daphne Rice or Sue Drakeford. She posted one message claiming she was a Contestant from KINSLEY, KANSAS which is FALSE because there was no one from the state of KANSAS that competed in this year’s pageant!

    The pageant knows who it is for various reasons. One is because of her writing style, poor grammar & her inability to use the English language properly. All Contestants were required to fill out an APPLICATION FORM, & write a one page BIOGRAPHY & PRESS RELEASE. Some postings are signed off (instead of a period to end the sentence) with her normal =) that she uses when she sends emails to everyone.

    When “called on it, ” and I told that I knew it was her because of her poor use of the English language & misspelled word, she then posted another message FIX PAGEANT, plagiarizing from a MISS ASIA USA Pageant Blog copying word for word the first & last part of the second paragraphs, just changing pageant titles, name & year. Click onto attached photo to read the blog or
    GO TO:
    Scroll down after “The new Miss Asia USA is Diane Yoo” posting & read the first response.

    One of her signed off =) claims that I am racist which is FALSE! Over 60% of my queens are from different nationalities including: Asian, Caucasian, Latino & Middle Eastern. I have coached many women from all over the world including African/Americans who have become state, national & international titleholders.

    Before the pageant this Contestant tried to bribe the Ms. America Pageant for the title in various ways to no avail. During the pageant she was aloof in her own corner, late to rehearsals, including the JUDGES INTERVIEW. After the pageant she called me on the phone & said that the winner walks like a crab & that her $5000 gown should have won over the winners.

    One posting states that BEST IN EVENING GOWN was not given out as promised which is FALSE. All OPTIONAL AWARDS were given out & OPTIONALS were scored by a separate judge that had nothing to do with the outcome of who was chosen as the winner & runner ups. Even if there was a BEST IN EVENING GOWN award based on scores she still would not have won. One judge (man) gave her a low score (6) in EVENING GOWN. When asked why, his opinion was that the gown was too sexy & that the slit was too high up. When she turned he claimed that he could see everything, which he felt was not appropriate for a Ms. America titleholder to be seen in. The pageant phrase; “Different day, different judges, different winner, ” is so true.

    Heidi Ritz, Shannon Morgan, Daphne Rice & Sue Drakeford who were Contestants in this year’s pageant have all posted signed statements in favor of the pageant & Susan Jeske. Other Contestants have sent thank you letters & have posted messages on the MS. AMERICA BLOG with good wishes to this year’s titleholder Ms. America 2009-10, Bridget Cleary.


    Cost to enter the 2009 PAGEANT was $220.00. NO REQUIREMENT to sell ads for the program book. NO REQUIREMENT to sell tickets to the pageant. I do not know of any other National Pageant where the entry fee & requirements for the pageant are so minimal. All Contestants received a 3 day – 2 night hotel stay at over 1000 Marriott’s to choose from. (A $200.00 Value).

    Contestants drew numbers from out of a box the day before the pageant which decided what placement they would be in the pageant competition. All Contestants received at the same time the Final 8 Questions the night before the pageant. Two days before the pageant Jane Smith, Ms America 2007-08 advised the pageant that she could not attend the pageant because of a family emergency. The emcee Alisa Kimble who is a former Miss California USA was asked to crown the winner in her place & she graciously agreed.

    OPTIONALS such as Ms. Photogenic Award, Community Service Award, Ms. Fitness Award, Woman of Distinction, etc… was scored by a SEPARATE JUDGE & had nothing to do with picking the winner & runner-ups. All this information was posted on the website & all Contestants were given this information ahead of time.

    Pageant was based on 25% Interview, 25% Evening Gown, 25% Sportswear (long black pants & red top) & 25% Onstage Question for Final Top 8 Contestants. You can see the video on the pageant website where you can hear all the answers to the Final Onstage Question. Tabulation was done by Mr. Osborne who has been in the pageant world for over 40 years & has a stellar reputation. All judges signed off & agreed that the winner was the winner BEFORE she was announced on stage. The new queen & ALL Contestants walked away the night of the pageant with ALL prizes & Hotel Certificates as promised. After the pageant JUDGES SCORES are available to all Contestants after the pageant.

    Susan Jeske
    President of the Ms. America Pageant

  • Ke
      8th of Oct, 2009
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    My name is Kelly Tran, and I was contestant #4 at the Ms. America pageant held on September 6, 2009 in Ontario. I was truly honored to have had a chance to participate in the Ms. America pageant, as it was a beautiful experience that I can now add to my other achievements. I have competed in many pageants in the past, Including the Mrs. Vietnam Southern CA 2008, were I took first place. I have experience within the pageantry industry and knowledge as to what to expect when competing. When I was contacted to participate in the Ms. America Pageant I was thrilled so I did, however I regret to admit that I was not the luck winner of the 2009-2010 Ms. America Pageant, as that award went to Bridget Cleary from Massachusetts. I am truly happy for the winner, and at no time would I have slandered Ms. Bridget Cleary neither pageant nor Susan Jeske. I have never stated that the pageant was fixed nor would I ever slander any other contestant’s as we all went in to this competition with open eyes, giving it 110% of our ability and praying to win. The crown went to the winner as the Pageant Jude’s casted their votes. I personally did not agree with my outcome however, I know that the winner was chosen accordingly. This Pageant is over, so give it up if you did not win this time around, and let’s all better prepare for the upcoming events.

  • Pa
      27th of Jan, 2011
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    Ms America International 2011 is a fix pageant. Watch the result, Kim will win the title this year.

  • Me
      31st of Jan, 2011
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    Its true, Kim won the title this year. I was there and I'm not suprise when they announced that she's the winner. What a shame on Susan Jeske.

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