Mrs. Marlene Barnard / Very Bad LG Service & Product

1 South Africa

I bought a LG 44N10 109cm Rear Projection TV where I paid all in all R24 000.00 rand for it, only to be told after phoning numeracy times (mentioning almost 2 & a half months that my TV where standing in their store room and not one call!!!) that they don't make the part any more and the TV set is discontinued! So after working my ### of to buy my husband a well devised B-Day present and thinking that I "invested" my money in a GOOD PRODUCT it only lasted me 5 year??? and I feel money well spend - NO Definitely NOT. Then even after getting the BAD services the Manager wants to give me another piece of what will I call this "Excellent deal" - (NOT) and I have to pay in R3000.00 and be the Lucky one to be the Proud New owner of a R5000.00 rand plasma TV !!! And the TV I had looked like part of a wall unit know I will need to go and by a TV stand to fill the empty space, but I'm sure the "Manager" thought of that, what can I say as long as LG makes money never mind the consumer???? I have a no name brand TV for almost 12years now still working like a bomb and the best part is they still can be fixed paying a R500.00 for it now I would love for LG to please give me a answer or advise what products to invest into for the future because upset is not even close to what I am at the moment.

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