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This company is a fraud debt collection agency. They took my identity and flipped it with a cousin's and forced me to be liable for that debt. The most funny thing is. . . I was able to get in touch with the card holder, and the balance had been paid off, yes paid off. . . Nothing they owe. Yet they claim i owe 2000 on that card. . . And its not mine!!! And plus there and two indian men working, (Yes they are from newww jersey!!!) and they came from india. . . Anyways they find people with good credit, flip your identity with your relatives identity, just so they can call you and harass you on debt that your brother or sister must have paid off 5 years ago. On top of that, they ask for personal information to ~update their files~. And then they say they want a "settlement", they will demand money off the phone. Realize these guys are call center employees who earn [protected] rupeez per month, yeah i mean rupeez not dollars. And this is their begging business. And by the way, india has the worst cricket team in the world!!! The orange, green and white cannot even hit one ball !!! If you want to get in touch with this fradulent scaming collection agency here is the number they contacted me on - [protected]

Apr 26, 2013
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  • Da
      Mar 09, 2009
    Mrs Associates - Calls from 1-800932-5028 and wll not leave a message!
    MRS Associates
    United States

    Collections agencies who 'DO NOT' leave a message on your machine, must have something to hide. If they don't leave a message, "I WILL NOT RETURN THERE CALL" I should get some government agency to check them out. Like the IRS, FBI or the FCC.

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  • Th
      Oct 13, 2010

    They stopped leaving much in the way of messages because the info kept coming back to bite them in the courts! They just recently offered to settle my suit against them for $4000 where they were trying to collect $1200 from a 15 year old bill that I paid in full 15 years ago! (Fortunately, I kept the proof!)

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  •   Apr 29, 2013

    MRS Associates is a bottom feeding debt buyer. The tactics you describe is business-as-usual for them. ALWAYS dispute the debt in writing and ask for proof such as 1. Proof that the debt is yours and 2. Proof that the debt collector has legal standing to demand a penny from you.

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  • Ta
      Apr 29, 2016

    How can this company go around and buy peoples accounts aka information from other companies like penelec and twc and bank card accounts that are in collection? I feel like my information sold to scammers

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