mr universe / David Selbst

1 AB, CA

A man by the name of David Selbst, from a beach community in Florida, poses on sugar daddy dating website as a body builder who has won the Mr. Universe contest four times and is travelling to various destinations to sign for more sponsorship deals. He says he is 6'6" tall and aproximately 300 lbs in the heaviest body buidling category. He says more ridiculous things like his twenty minute fee for training people is 3500 dollars and that he is sponsored for millions, has a private beach home, travels on a private plane, and that his agent deals with everything. This is handy so that when you actually ask for details about his travels, what hotel, when he is flying etc. he opts for the idea that those details are things he doesn't deal with as his agent takes care of all that.

I know, how gullible could I be, however I have dated well known and wealthy people in the past and although this seemed out there, he kept it plausable. The pictures he sent were gorgeous and I feel sorry for whoesever's images he stole because he is definitely using them for the wrong purpose of deception.
I asked him if he was a fake at one point, and he immediately responded with a calm no. Thats when I believed he really was fake and continued to play with the game in the hopes of getting more information to do a better job of exposing him.

He followed the entire scenerio out in which he travelled to my city in Canada and was doing so to meet a sponsor. He really messed up when he suggested a time that he would be here and arrived way too fast from a delay in Detroit. Not only did he make it too fast but he was immediately sitting in a sponsors office within an impossible flight time. He uses MSN to communicate, often uses brb and doesn't come back, he has a phone number that doesn't have his personal voice answering response and has a deep voice, finds it hard to converse and won't call you but rather asks you to call him. Hope this helps anyone else that has any contact with this person. Presumably he is after money or something, maybe a joy ride...I don't know. He stopped communication when I let him know I knew he was a fake.

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