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Somerset West, South Africa
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On 1 June 2018 I placed an online shopping order, I selected Express delivery to Somerset Mall and paid R35 with the understanding that the parcel will be delivered between 2 (or 3) working days. Since both the courier company and Mr Price work on Saturdays and Sundays the parcel was shipped& packed over the weekend.

Today is 7 June, and I was told that my parcel 'should' be at the store tomorrow...that means it took 7 days to get to me...not 2 (or 3) days as promised.

Rather under promise and over not promise something that you are not able to deliver on. I spoke to On the Dot and the lady said it is always an issue with Mr Price deliveries, because you promise something on your website that they cannot deliver on.

Will I now be refunded for the Express delivery I paid for...because there is nothing Express about it...had I know I would have selected delivery to my door for only R10 more, but I wonder if that's not also a case of making promises you cannot keep.

Contact centre agents not really helpful to resolve. Promised they would phone me right back after I phoned this morning, a 2nd call after lunch and I was told the consultant is on lunch. Ref nr. 2772995

Carin Geldenhuys

Jun 07, 2018

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