M.PuskaI fellt Discriminated

What can I say, I totally don’t understand this company! I had job interview by Mac cosmetic. I was starting conversation in Dutch, than manager correct me and let me know that, they do as well interview in English, so that's fine, I thought OK fine. Every thing was fine, interview was cool, I know history, came in black, had a makeup to impress. On the end he said it was pleasure to meet bla bla bla He said I will said the head somebody that Your work is really good and I'm sure there is a place for you.
After two days from that appointment, I received email, that my work is great and that I'm great artist, only problem is that I don’t speak enough Dutch? I was like woow ok, first of all that Manager didn't let me speak Dutch, second? IN Holland even 13 years old boy from Amsterdam Speak English. I didn't get it, what was this about, was that because I'm bigger lady? Was that because I'm light brown? What was that? They could not come up with better excuse! NO mention that Mac cosmetic should be so liberal. I'm sure I don’t wane be arrogant, if I would apply in America I would be hired. Take look at my work on my site. I mean yeah every body has to work on makeup day by day but I work really hard to get there, other girls that have no idea about makeup are hired and me not. I fell like this is super not fair! M.Puska


Feb 08, 2015

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