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Roslyn Safir from MPI called me and said that I could purchase leads from them with a guarantee that if I did not earn enough commission to pay for the cost of the lead I could get my money back. I was leery of this guarantee so asked them a number of times to clarify and make sure there were not any hidden clauses to this refund guarantee. They said as long as I work the leads and can show that I have worked them and did not earn enough to break even I could call them and they would process a refund right away.

I reviewed the agreement and expressed concern about two items in the agreement, one part says its “not cancelable” and the other part says its a monthly fee. I did not want a monthly fee and express interest in only a 1 time test purchase. The sales lady, Roslyn, I spoke to promised to cross that part out for me as it would not apply.

I placed the order and waited for the leads. They were total garbage. Over 90% of them either fax numbers or out of service numbers. I called each lead to make sure that it was worked and I have proof and then called MPI to get a refund. They promised this was a mistake and that they had never seen this before and said they would send me another batch of replacement leads and I should work those. I told them I preferred my money back but they really wanted me to just try another batch of leads.

I felt pressured that I had to take the replacement leads even though I wanted a refund and finally consented to try another batch of leads. I asked for their address to mail the original batch of leads in and another lady (Marlene was her name) specifically said there is no need to mail them in since so many of them are bogus numbers, they would simply send the replacement leads right away. The representative said very specifically, that if the second batch of leads did not produce sufficient commission to pay for themselves, I could request a refund at that point. This is very important because later on in this explanation you will see that they try and say because I got replacement leads I don't quality for a refund.

They attempted to charge my credit card again, without authorization or any knowledge. Luckily my credit card company blocked it for fraud. I called MPI and they said that it was a system error and it should they should not have charged me card since I originally only wanted a 1 time fee. (see email from them below)

The second batch of leads were slightly better but overall terrible. The vast majority were bad numbers, faxes, or disconnected numbers. They were so awful it became apparent this company was not selling valid leads information so I immediately emailed them and requested a refund. They asked that I mail in the leads with comments next to each lead which I did within 7 days per their agreement. Each lead had been contact and were mailed back within 7 days.

MPI declined my refund request and is not honoring their guarantee and contract. Based on the fact that they send such terrible lead information, tried charging my card again without authorization and failure to honor their refund guarantee all I can assume is this company is a fraud and operating dishonestly.

The most frustrating part is they declined my refund request because I did not return the original leads. I specifically called them and asked them for their mailing address and the lady I spoke to said I did not have to return them since they were sending replacement leads.

I now believe this was done on purpose so they could later decline my refund request. My intention and attempt was to return them but they said not to, I believed them but now realize they were trying to play games to avoid having to refund my money.

The next most frustrating part is that they are stating I signed up for a monthly charge even though I very specifically spoke with the sales rep (Roslyn) and only wanted a 1 time charge for 1 month. They then attempted to charge my card next month without authorization and sent me an email saying it was a system error (see email below) yet now they are saying it was part of the agreement therefore they are being dishonest again.

The last and most frustrating part is that in their response to me, it says: “the customer had not complied with these terms. In fact, they have only returned his first lead orders to our office, via certified mail on 2/10/16.”

THIS IS A LIE, another example of dishonesty from this company. I did not return the original list of leads per the phone conversation with Marlene. She said not to return the first leads. The company pressured me to take replacement leads, which they sent me on 1/31/16. I emailed them back on 2/3/16 at 1:57 PM (see email below) letting them know that the leads were total garbage, full of bad numbers and that I would be mailing them back. I returned the 2nd batch of the leads with notes in the mail on 2/5/16 that Friday afternoon. I dropped the mail off at 8465 W Sahara Ave Ste 111. They said they would mail this off at the next pick up. This was a Friday afternoon and I am not sure when it actually arrived back to MPI but it was dropped off in the mail before the 7 days. (see copy of the receipt with date stamp).

This is important because MPI claimed I failed to mail these to them in 7 days. As you can see from the email showing the date I received the lead, I worked and called of them which took a couple days, then by the date stamp of my receipt, you can clearly see that I mailed these to them within 7 days.

I realize now that I was dealing with a company that was telling me things verbally that go against their written contract so that they could try and blame me for not abiding by the terms of the agreement. I also now realize that I should have gotten everything in writing from them but at the time I had no idea that they would try and hide behind clauses in their agreement and wiggle out of returning and honoring their guarantee. I feel taken advantage of and tricked by this company telling me verbally the very things that they are trying to now say caused me to violate my agreement with them.

As you can see from my explanation above as well as the emails below, my intention was to try and do things quickly and based on my conversations with them, do things they way they wanted, but now, I see that they have tricked me by telling me to do things that would violate my contract so that they would not have to honor their money back guarantee.

As you can see from the emails below and my communication with them, this company is hiding behind and advising their clients in a way for them to wiggle out of returning money to their clients. If you need additional proof, I have now contacted and spoken with 2 other individuals who have experienced the same thing as me and this company is refusing to return their money. They both have initiated chargeback with the company for advertising a full money back guarantee but then failing to honor it.

Please read my comments below regarding each email. You will see some very dishonest activity from MPI, they claim that because they send me replacement leads that they would not have to honor their money back guarantee. THIS IS DISHONEST AND DECEPTIVE!

It is companies like MPI that hurt small business owners trying to do what is right. I feel taken advantage and manipulated by their dishonestly and trickery to get around having to return consumers money.

Finally, and very importantly, in their response to me, they claim that I “received all of the merchandise he requested by his own signature.” This is totally irrelevant and not in question. I am not questioning that I received the merchandise (the leads) what I am disputing is that they are not honoring their guarantee that specifically says: (here is a screen shot)

Mar 29, 2016
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  • Mp
      Mar 30, 2016

    This information provided in this complaint is completely false. First and Foremost, the employee mentioned, Roslyn is a rep in our client services
    dept. she does NOT SELL OR TAKE ANY ORDERS FROM CLIENTS WHATSOEVER, her only job is to contact potential customers to see if they would
    like information on our services or any promotions, if available at that time. Secondly, all clients receive all of the terms of our services, in writing, at the very least within 3- 5 business days before ever placing any orders with us to give them time to look over all of the information and then we follow up with them to answer questions. Our agreement/authorization is ONLY 1 PAGE WITH ONLY 4 PARAGRAPHS, ONE OF WHICH IS ONLY 1 LINE !
    We provide over 10 pages of supporting documentation to any client or credit card company who requests it supporting all of our procedures and do our very best to provide the best customer service possible to ensure our clients satisfaction which we proudly maintain an over 70% renewal rate for more than 14 yrs.
    As indicated in this complaint we provided all documentation and correspondence with the client and provided them with a "free replacement list" sight unseen without them even returning the product, as an exception just to resolve any concerns they may have had! We offer a Refund/Replacement policy to the customer which they may find and sign right on that same 1 page agreement. This client agreed to receive a replacement list and did NOT ORIGINALLY ASK FOR A REFUND, THEY ONLY ASKED FOR A REFUND WELL AFTER THEY GOT A FREE REPLACEMENT LIST. OUR POLICY IS A REFUND OR REPLACEMENT "NOT" BOTH FOR OBVIOUS REASONABLE BUSINESS REASONS! Therefore, on just face value alone, to ask for a "free replacement" then in turn after using both services asking for a refund, is in most circumstances an "unreasonable and unethical request" We did review the clients lists and did not even get to finish the refund process of spot checking when the client disputed the charges with his credit card and we had to forward all documentation to his credit card company at that time over 10 pages of documentation, and subsequently he lost the dispute due to that documentation and the truth of the circumstances fully documented. It is only now, after he has tried, in our opinion to take advantage of the guarantees we offered and honored and was not able to, including going as far as asking his credit card company to advocate on his behalf when he could not circumvent the due diligence process, and failing to do so on all counts that he has now filed this complaint. We stand on our impeccable track record of over a decade in the industry and continue to strive for customer satisfaction at all times, we stand by and honor all of our agreements, and support that with signed, written documents, not hearsay, however, we also hold our clients to the same standards of understanding the terms of the agreements and policies they are agreeing to before they sign them! Unfortunately although not without our best efforts, throughout the many years we have strived for 100% satisfaction, we realize with a heavy heart, we cannot make everyone happy all of the time if they do not meet that standard on their own terms.

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  • Er
      Mar 10, 2017

    I agree with this complaint. The same thing happened to me with MPI Leads. I got scammed out of $1, 400 for total bogus leads.

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