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I am a former employee in the web design department of MPI Innovations. CEO Matt Gross hired me on a salary and w-2 based agreement. During my stay I saw him evade paying taxes, not paying the employees at all or paying them partially in cash. I am still owed $3000 in back pay, leaving me and my family struggling to stay alive. I am only one of 6 former employees that Matt Gross of MPI Innovations never paid, although he has six brand new cars ranging from scion to Mercedes and a huge house that he paid rent on... He LIED to all his employees and even opened up credit cards and bank accounts in other employees names.

He refers to everyone of other races by the most despicably racist names ever... Even though he is a diabetic white Italian.

MPI Innovations and Matt Gross have purposely taken payment for motorcycle training and then canceled with no refund.

the police and the government have denied complaints and attempts at lawsuit of mine and he is no where to be found..


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  • Jo
      Jul 27, 2010

    Firstly I used to work with Matthew (Matt) Mark (M) Gross and he did NOT pay anyone. "He LIED to all his employees and even opened up credit cards and bank accounts in other employees names." yes, did this while i was there 2, dont give this guy your social. also runs,,, he also now operates as MotoKnowledge from tempe and MMC. DO NOT purchase subscription from him he will use your cc to pay his backed up bills. stay the hell away from him and his company. i am owed $7, 000 from him. notice all the girls he hires are bombshells.

    Stay away from this man!

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  • Bo
      Sep 09, 2014

    As well I had the same experience with Matthew Gross with MPI Innovations in fall of 2008. And to my understanding the web person before me had same issue but I didn't come to light to that until the last two weeks I was there. He still owes me $3k+ for my time working with him, along with a number of other employees. Matt Gross is an individual I'd recommend not doing any business with him, as an employee or customer.

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