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We had bought a car which after 13days spat oil out over the floor, as we were off for the weekend. We rang the RAC who came and looked and decided that the oil seal or feed pipe had gone, we were towed home. We arranged for a local mechanic to look at the car, after inspection he said the seals had gone and if you replaced just those two it might put stress on the others and may go again elsewhere, so he recomended a engine remanufacturing. So after looking on the web and speaking to 3 companies the above seemed the right choice as they could A) collect from our South Glocs. home and effect the repair in 7 working days. The car was picked up and two days later a report was emailed to us, the original email quote was £1700 +VAT this had now gone up to £2338.25 inc, but if I wanted the "Additional items desirable to replace" the total would be £2832.92inc. I rang "Paul" to discuss this and to ask why some of the items were needing to be chaged as the car had been seviced only 6 months before, he got a little short and told me he did not need our work and we could go elsewhere! As we live over 100 miles away this would have been a nightmare, so we agreed and paid the full amount. Two weeks later after speaking to them I was told the car would be ready on the 18/05/2010. I got a train up to Southall, when I arrived I was told my car was not ready as they were waiting on a "Head" from Germany. I questioned this as the V6 petrol was made in the Uk and fitted to Landrovers in only Birmingham or Liverpool, Ryan agreed and thought it strange too!! Anyway rather than argue, which would not have got my car fixed, Ryan agreed as way of compensation that We could get our first 500 mile service done locally to us and the next 6000 mile service would be done by them FOC!! I did ask why I had to have a service done by them every 6000 miles as Landrover quote 12000 he said as part of the warranty ALL servicing had to be done by them. I did mention I thought this was a restrictive practice and that as long as a reputable company did the work and I could prove same there should be NO problem. Well Surprise, surprise a week later and my car is still not ready! I have rang them and they claim to be still waiting on the "Head" from Germany although I have given them the name, number of a local co.(Harrow) that has them for sale brand new and at a price £100 less then thay have charged me, so no excuse for not having car ready for tomorrow 26/05/2010. I have checked and they have rang this other co. but not ordered as yet... We have given them till close of play tomorrow 26/05/2010 to have our car fixed as per the contract, and ready to be picked up. We have spoken to Trading stds, police and CC Co.All three are prepared to help. Maybe hell will freeze over and our car will be ready tomorrow?????UPDATE

just had paul on the phone telling me I'm ignorant and trying to blackmail him and he will report me to the police to which I will get three years... Also he was recording the phone call, (without the proper warnings) and his mate wil sign a statement saying I was trying to blackmail him into fixing my car in a timely and correct manner as prescribed under the SUPPLY OF GOODS & SERVICES ACT 1982 (AS AMENDED) so if thats blackmail then I hang my head in shame!!!

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