MPH Engineering Wembley LtdSold me useless engine

I ordered a reconditioned engine from MPH Engineering/reconditioned engines etc and had it shipped over to Portugal, which is where I live. I spoke to a very friendly chap, called Paul and he said as it was being shipped abroad they couldn't give me a guarantee but would ship any necessary parts over for nothing.

Having had my mechanic (for around 1500 euros), that I have used for years and never had any problems with, put the engine in my Ford Transit, he then took it for test drive. He rang a few minutes after the test drive to say that the engine had seized!!!

I have now had it towed to the local Ford garage, and they have told me that I may as well have put a cardboard box in it as the engine was useless, and it will now cost me a further 6000 euros to fix!!! I do not expect the expenses to be covered, but wouldn't mind getting the cost of the re conditioned engine back, which I paid for with my credit card.


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