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The buyer purchased a solid gold lighter from me for $1000 and then after 10 days said that he was having trouble refilling the lighter (even though any google search will instruct you how) so he asked for a partial refund... Instead since I had many other offers I issued a full refund through the buyer dispute he initiated. I was looking forward to getting the lighter back, but when I returned from vacation I found that he sent me a USPS flat rate shipping box with a worthless rock inside of it instead of the lighter.. Even though ebay seems to encourage an immediate refund in the case of a dispute they offer no protection at all if the buyer decides to send you back a worthless item instead of what you had originally shipped to them. I have made reports with online fraud centers, contacted and filed a report with my local police and the police of the town that the buyer lives in, made a report to paypal and USPS (who delivered the package). Still Ebay does nothing for me.. the buyer who was responsible for the scam is even still selling products on ebay one month after I reported what happened to me. I keep emailing them and only receive one sentence answers such as: we aren't able to discuss our disciplinary actions on another member, but rest assured he may receive a warning, or once the police capture the buyer and recover your item than were sure they will return it to you. Its funny how members are banned from not sending ebay $2 worth of fees, but if you steal $1000 from another member then nothing is done to stop any future transactions you are involved in. The only word of advice I can give to people is never under any circumstances be willing to provide a refund, or on the other hand if you want to steal as much free money as possible without any repercussions just buy an item off someone that has a refund policy and mail them back a rock instead of whatever valuable item they sent you..


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  • Ra
      Sep 03, 2010

    I cannot believe this happened to you! There are some BAD people out there!

    I have been an Ebayer for a long time, and in the past month, I have had two things that I sent and bought insurance with my own money to protect, and I still get "case" messages saying they want a full or partial refund because it was broken. I stated over and over that it has insurance. One guy, wouldn't even tell me what was broken on it, even after asking multiple times!

    I think it's just ordinary people trying to steal and get away. Finally - I told this guy that I was not refunding him, and he missed the grace period, as well, if it's really broken, insurance will cover. I haven't heard anything since.

    God Bless you, and I just prayed for you. Someone doing this can really make Ebay and people in general look sour. Sometimes when we try to do the right things - they turn to bite us in the butt - but I would still choose the right way. boo Ebay for not being caring, and BIG boo for the rock guy!

    That is definitely fraud $1000 - I would not give up!

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  • To
      Sep 09, 2010

    I too have been a victim of an e-bay scam. With this new buyer protection policy you will see more of this. I complained to my local police and they wouldn't fi;le a report. they told me it was a civil matter. E-bay has become a good place to legally steal thanks to the the rulesa e-bay puts in place. E-bay is now in 31 countries and is a multi-billion dollar industry I think with there current rules it just might be the beginning of their end.

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