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The only reason I didn't give a 9 or 10 was that they didn't have the item in stock and had stopped selling it but still had, and still has, the same item on their website.

Otherwise, when they notified me my order could not be shipped they offered and upgrade to a higher priced item at no additional charge. They also NEXT DAY shipped my order (originally ground) to insure it arrived in time fro Christmas. The customer service person was excellent. She very quickly found out what was going on, gave me several very satisfactory options and then proceeded to email me a confirmation of my order change. From a rocky start to a smooth solution all around. The products arrived, as I said, NEXT DAY, on DHL and so far, they seem to be working flawlessly. If there are any technical or operational problems, I have little doubt, from the afore mentioned experience, that they will be able to help me or swap out the item if necessary. If these products work fro a few months, I'll be saitsfied. Shoot, I kow ipods and iphone don't work about 25% of the time, but nobody complains online because it's an Apple product and that would be heresy and nobdy wants to be ana apostate electrono-fashionista. But for a $45-50 purchase, these items are a fantastic value!

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      21st of Jan, 2009
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    I have order a mp3 touch player from this site from well i waited a week for this mp3 player and i was really excited even though it wasn't name brand it looked nice on the site well i finally get it well i open it and everything try to turn it on well it wouldn't turn on so i figured well it just needs to charge for a lil bit well i don't know how long its suppost to charge for so i read the book that came with it well it doesn't tell ya so i just let it charge for 5 hours well you know normally if somthing is dead it will turn on a lil bit even if it just lights up and then gos right off well this mp3 player didn't. Well after that i called there lil customer service well i got to talk to a women i tell her that i have charged my mp3/mp4 player up for 5 hours well she tells me that i have to charge it for 8 hours the first time well i was like ok so i got off the phone which the women was very rude she hung up before i could even say anything else to her. Well i let the mp3/mp4 player charge for 8 hours well guess what it still didn't come on. THE BUSINESS WELL I GUESS IF THATS WHAT U WANNA CALL IT WAS CLOSED SO I HAD TO WAIT THE NEXT DAY TO CALL AND GUESS WHAT IT WAS THE SAME RUDE WOMEN I TOLD HER MY PROBLEM AND SHE TELLS ME THAT I HAVE TO EMAIL THEM AT RETURENMP3STORE.COM WELL I EMAIL THEM AS SOON AS I GET OFF THE PHONE I WAITED FOR A COUPLE OF DAYS AND THEY NEVER EMAILED ME BACK UNTIL TODAY TELL ME THAT I WOULD HAVE TO PAY TO SHIP IT BACK TO THEM AND THAT IF THEY DIDN'T RECEIVE IT WITHIN 15 DAYS THAT THEY WOULD REFUSE MY EXCHANGE FOR A NEW ONE WELL THE WAY THE SENT IT TO ME WAS DSL WELL THAT TOOK 2 WEEKS WELL THEY ARE TELLING ME THAT I HAVE TO SEND IT BY US MAIL WELL THATS GOING TO TAKE LONGER SO THEY KNOW THAT IT WILL BE AFTER 15 DAYS FOR THEM TO GET IT SO THEY DON'T HAVE TO EXCHANGE AND ANOTHER THING IS I HAVE TO PAY TO SEND IT I MEAN WHAT KIND OF BUSINESS IS THAT ITS ALL THE WAY IN CANADA SO I GUESS GO FIGUER WELL I JUST WANTED TO BLOG THIS SO NO ONE ELSE GETS GOT LIKE I DID THERE ARE OTHER REVIEWS ON SOME OTHER WEBSITES BUT OF COURSE I DIDN'T READ THEM BEFORE I BROUGHT THE MP3/MP4 PLAYER I LOOKED AFTER WHICH IS DUMB OF ME BUT JUST CHECK OUT THE REVIEWS BEFORE YOU MAKE ANY CHOICES OF BUYING ANYTHING THERE!!! THE SITE IS MP3PLAYERSTORE.COM AND THEY DO HAVE THIS SITE ON THE TV SO IF YOU SEE IT DON'T THINK LIKE I DID EVERYTHING U SEE ON TV IS NOT WHAT IT SEEMS TO BE WELL FOR ME IT IS!!! I GIVE THEM NOTHING NOT EVEN A ZERO

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      24th of Oct, 2009
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    I ordered an Innovatek 1199 4mb mp3 player. I was a little apprehensive about the Canadian address but I did receive my order via US Mail at my door about a week after the order confirm was in my E-mail box. It's all new and working fine. So I don't really have any complaints about the company. Just a couple of comments about the 1199...
    With shipping, it comes to $40 which is the same as I paid for a Phillips GoGear 4mb in-store at Walmart. Actually, the Inno has better sound which was a nice suprise... and the sleek design and bigger screen is pleasing. But the Phillips has much better navigation between files... one can find particular files and songs MUCH easier than with the Inno. I gave the Phillips to my sister for her birthday and she loves it. I'm using the Inno with it's difficult navigation but great sound. All things considered I give the edge to the Phillips.

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