MP Nails / Beauty and Spa rip off

1 United States

I bet you that everybody at my neighborhood is familiar with the prices for the manicure and pedicure. For the first time I went to this place on 13180 Biscayne Blvd. I asked how much will be, and they told $30, 00 for regular services and is the same for all those around this area. I wanted the gel service for the manicure only and I was agree to pay $35, 00 as I was told in the beginning. Plus $5, 00 for the french. So I assume that if the manicure cost 35, 00 so the regular pedicure will cost just the difference, $25, 00 then I will pay total $55, 00. BUT AMAZELDY they give me a bill to pay at the last minute in very bad attitude for the amount of $85.00;. They rip me off $35, 00|. I should not sign but I was alone there with this two mean guys and a woman". I did have no choice, if I want to leave out there a life|. Or who knows?. The worse part was that three days later my manicure was gone, and looks older than a month, and my pedicure the *** did not even cut my nails". So what did I pay for!. On top of that when I went to complaint, they did a big deal out that and a big scandal, screaming at me, in order for them to repair and fix my manicure and pedicure.

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