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Moving Service / Movers Delivery Bad Service

1 Westmont IL, United States
Contact information:
Phone: (630) 401-2367

I found on Craigslist the heading “A GOOD MOVING COMPANY...”. They flood Craigslist daily with up to about 20 ads-with slight variations. The phone number: [protected] .

Some lines read, “Free wardrobes provided for hanging clothes”; “Short notice moves are ok”; and “we pad and wrap your furniture”.

I called the company to move 1 person’s furniture and stuff to another home less than a few blocks away. Who seemed like an owner or manager named Mike answered.

Within 1 of about 3 calls I asked the name of the company and he responded, “ABC Moving”. I asked the location and he responded “ Willowbrook ”, which is in IL. He said that he could rent a truck and the best could be 17 feet. I know trucks- that was enough for my needs. I asked the address and the question was avoided with the excuse of a bad phone connection. I then decided to go with a different mover.

That day I hired the different mover. They showed up within 2 hours, but tried to change the price after work started, so that deal fell through: That’s another story.

Earlier, “ABC Moving” aka “A GOOD MOVING COMPANY” stated that he could do it short notice...and to just call if I can’t find someone else. One of 2 companies who seemed like they could do it now that day was “A GOOD MOVING CO.” Later it turned out that “ A GOOD...” took advantage of my situation of needing a move in short-notice by not supplying advertised or even services Mike stated- for a high bill at the end of the day.

I called back Mike. The rate was $75 per hour for 2 people, 3 hour minimum, which is higher than most on Craigslist. I understood that it was short notice, so for the ad & services offered, that rate was acceptable. He said that he has 2 movers, but is out of company trucks. It made sense. Mike requested that I drive $100 cash to a local truck-rental place. Then it seemed like a possible scam, so I responded, “[as long as I hold both movers’ I.D.’s or copies until done…]”. Mike agreed. I drove 4 miles with $100 spending ½ hour of my time. Right before I left I learned that the only truck available was significantly smaller: 14 feet. I agree, so this work and concessions should have been enough to make up for my wanting “last minute”. In other works, with my compromises GOOD MOVERS should have fulfilled the rest of the service satisfactorily: They did not. It got worse.

The movers appeared to be inexperienced and did not appear to be physically capable of moving very heavy things-I’ll let that go because it might be discrimination or something. Much of the time one would be working, while the other stood making comments, sometimes picking up my stuff and commenting on it. It was as if they were learning on the job.

I tried to ask them to go faster, and at times plead with them while reminding them I’m paying $75 per hour. Over half way through I commented that they were moving slow, and one responded like, “Hey! I have injuries!”. That's like a portrait painter saying, "Hey, I can't see very well!". Indeed both movers stated they had physical problems. Personally, I feel for them, but business-wise, the movers did not reasonably meet the ad or verbal agreement with Mike of “2 movers”. It was more like 1 and ½ movers. The relevant facts were that they moved slowly and had physical problems affecting their work.

I expect at a higher $37.50 per hour each that one can do the job reasonably. For that pay, wouldn’t you expect strong movers with a maximum of just minor injuries or a fully-capable average person, and wouldn’t you want them to be working at over 90% of physical and mental limit for these short few hours? Over the move I supplied water, juice, and snacks. I helped both on bulky things in an effort to help them speed up, but they continued to slow down over time. Were they overworked because it was late afternoon? Answer: No- they revealed only 1 small move before mine that day.

Another problem: I supplied rugs to protect the newly-cleaned carpeting, while they made no effort or even comment to protect the carpet.

Another problem: They had to make 2 trips between homes. One stated that it was necessary due to the largest truck available was a 14’ as opposed to a 17’. I estimate this alone added 20 minutes to the move. Is that my problem? I had to agree to it. What else could I do?

Another problem, I offered my own dolly in an effort to speed things up, later learning a dolly was supplied on the rental truck. They later said it would have been a cost to use the rental company’s dolly which was sealed. Is that my problem? No.

Another problem: I had ONLY 4 items that needed padding. The ad states, “we pad and wrap your furniture”. Not only did they NOT bring padding or wrapping, I supplied sleeping blankets for padding. Additionally, in every case I was not present, I caught the movers moving these 4 items WITHOUT padding. I had to intervene to wrap these things from them scratching them on the dolly or ground. Near the end, I saw a moving blanket on the rental truck, which I assume would have cost them, but they offered no discount to me for saving THEM money. My problem? No.

In total, the movers brought NOTHING with: blankets, wrap, tape, dollies, corner protectors, rugs, or planks while their physical capability, knowledge, and effort were all below-standard of what a mover should be, especially at $37.50 per hour, a rate higher than most on Craigslist. Some charge a lower $32.50 or $25.00/hour.

In the end they charged me $37.50 per mover, per hour for 4 hours= $300…all for 1 person’s stuff. I called Mike and argued for a discount. As a reminder:
->I drove in the deposit for the truck rental, supplying MY time.
->The truck was 14’- not 17’, but this was out of my control, but a responsible company should have taken that into account ahead of time. They knew the truck size BEFORE it was rented.
->I supplied the dolly rugs, blankets, drinks and snacks.

They took 4 hours to do something I estimate 2 movers of reasonable physical capability, knowledge, and effort should have taken 3 hours at most. Therefore, I see that the bill should have been reduced by 25%, or (when taking everything I did into consideration) even less- by 33%. One guy threatened to call authorities for non-payment of service, so I paid. Now I’m complaining and declare the bill should have been 1/3rd off $300=$200.

11 days later the same guy was asked the name of the company. Answer: “A Good Moving Company”, consistent with the ads. There is A GOOD MOVING COMPANY in Westmont, IL. Around this time I searched Craigslist and the internet in general: “ABC Moving” and the above phone number are not associated whatsoever. There is no ABC in or near Willlowbrook. The workers indicated “ RELIABLE MOVING SERVICE ”, and “ Relocation Pros ”. This means the company represented itself to me under 4 different names, however the last 2 names could be those of a subcontractor.

Very recently I talked to who I suspected could be the sub contractor, and he assured me it’s all the same company. In a best-case scenario, 2 companies represented themselves-each under 2 different names: Very dodgy.

Avoid hiring A Good Moving Company, Reliable Moving Service, Relocation Pros, …and perhaps, being a lesser chance, ABC Moving. Take special note of spelling because there are legitimate moving companies with similar names.

Dec 9, 2014

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